Laser cutting machine and galvanized sheet cutting-June

Laser cutting machine and galvanized sheet cutting

Laser cutting machine and galvanized sheet cutting

Since the galvanized sheet is an alloy steel sheet, it has been recognized as a material that is difficult to laser cut. Today, the most mainstream equipment for laser cutting is fiber laser cutting machine, which has great advantages in cutting cost and maintenance. So, what are the better solutions for cutting the galvanized sheet by Xintian Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?
As we all know, the role of galvanized steel is to protect the carbon steel inside by galvanizing the surface, and it is not easy to rust for a long time.
In the process of processing galvanized sheet, auxiliary gas needs to add. The purity and pressure of the auxiliary gas directly affect the quality of the cut sheet. The purity of oxygen used for cutting should be above 99.6%. When the purity of cutting oxygen is higher, the section of cut galvanized sheet is cut. The roughness and quality are also higher. The purity of nitrogen should be above 99.5% when cutting. Increasing the purity of nitrogen ensures that the slit does not change color during the process of cutting the galvanized sheet.


From the point of view of the auxiliary gas, there are generally three cutting processes for galvanized steel sheets, namely air cutting, oxygen cutting and nitrogen cutting. Let us first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each of these three cutting processes:

First of all, air cutting:

The advantage is that the processing cost is low. Only need to consider the laser itself and the air compressor’s electricity cost, without the need for high auxiliary gas costs, and the cutting efficiency on the thin plate can match the nitrogen cutting, is a kind An economical and efficient cutting method. However, the disadvantages on the cut surface are also obvious. First of all, the air-cut section will produce a bottom burr, and the laser processed product must also undergo secondary processing such as deburring, which is not conducive to the entire product production cycle. Secondly, the air-cut section is prone to blackening and affects the quality of the product. Therefore, laser processing does not require the advantages of subsequent processing. So many companies are reluctant to choose the air cutting method in the processing of galvanized steel sheets.

Second, oxygen cutting:

This is the most traditional and standard cutting method. And in the processing of sheet metal mainly carbon steel. It is not necessary to frequently switch the auxiliary gas, which is convenient for factory management. However, the disadvantage is that after the oxygen is cut, a layer of scale is left on the surface of the cut surface. If the product with scale is directly welded, the scale will naturally peel off after a long time.

Finally, nitrogen cutting:

High-speed processing using nitrogen gas, because the role of nitrogen is different from the oxygen. But it plays a protective role, so the cutting section does not produce scale. However, the disadvantage of nitrogen cutting is here. In order to prevent the product from rusting, it spray again.