Why does metal need to be laser cleaned-Sophia

Why does metal need to be laser cleaned?

There can be many reasons that laser cleaning needs to be used on metals. And you’ll find it being used in everything from the aerospace to the food manufacturing industry. It’s used for applications such as:

Cleaning baking trays
Preparing metals for welding treatment
Removing paint from a selected area
Removing traffic film and dirt from planes, buses, etc.
Benefits of using fiber lasers on metals
A fiber laser will offer you a great deal of control, and so the ablation depth that you wish to reach can be achieved with a high degree of accuracy. Given this high degree of accuracy, fiber lasers are the perfect process for working with micro applications, which has become more and more of a necessity in the modern climate of parts and pieces getting ever smaller and more intricate.

It is also non-contact, and therefore non-abrasive, process, and so no unnecessary or unwanted damage will be caused to your metal. This is something that more traditional cleaning methods, such as media blasting, have struggled with.


Finally, fiber lasers are highly efficient, enjoying much longer operational lives than other cleaning methods, and even other laser methods.