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Types of Laser Cutting Machine

Do you know the type of laser cutting machine? pls, see the blowing introduces.

A. Types of Laser Cutting Machine.Fiber laser cutting machine

Optical fiber laser cutting machine because

it can transmit through the optical fiber convenient maintenance, the speed  fast, so the optical fiber cutting machine has a great advantage

when cutting the thin plate within 4mm, but the quality of cutting the thick plate is poor due to the influence of solid laser wavelength.

The wavelength of the fiber laser cutting machine is 1.06um,

which is not easy to be absorbed by non-metal,

so it cannot cut non-metal materials.

The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser is up to more than 25% and the advantages of fiber laser in electricity consumption.

B.  Types of Laser Cutting Machine CO2 Laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutting machine can steadily cut carbon steel within 20mm, It can cut wood, acrylic, PP,

Plexiglas, and other non-metallic materials with high quality, but the photoelectric conversion rate of CO2 laser is only about 10%.

CO2 laser cutting machine  equipped with nozzles to spray oxygen, compressed air,

or inert gas N2 at the beam exit to improve the cutting speed and smooth cut.

In order to improve the stability and life of power supply,

the discharge stability of CO2 gas laser solved.

C. YAG (solid) laser cutting machine

YAG solid laser cutting machine has the characteristics of low price and good stability, but the energy efficiency is generally less than 3%, the current output power of the product is mostly below 600W, because of the small output energy.

and YAG solid laser cutting machine needs to be solved is to enhance the stability of the power and life, namely, to develop large capacity, long life of the pump light excitation light source,

such as the semiconductor optical pump can make energy efficiency greatly.

such as sheet metal manufacturing, home appliances manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, decoration, advertising, and other industries.

It has gradually replaced traditional processing equipment such as wire cutting, CNC punch, water cutting and low-power plasma.

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