Some tips for maintaining the fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

Some tips for maintaining the fiber laser cutting machine

We understand that investing a fiber laser cutting machine is a big desicion. So many clients will worry that how can I do if the machine is broken down.We have professional after-sales who can speak English directly,so don’w worry about that. Today we will introduce some tips for maintaining the fiber laser cutting machine.

During the usage of steel laser cutter machine, clients need to learn the ways of operating machine. So that the cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine’s advantages can be used greatly. It is a good way to enhance the working efficiency.






1. Checking the steel belt, and make sure it is fasten well. Or there is some problem in the machine running. It will hurt the people. If serious, it will cause people dead. The steel belt is too important.

2. Checking the machine’s verticality and straightness in the sheet metal laser cutting machine price. If something wrong, we should check and adjust it timely.Without doing this work, it will affect the cutting effects. It will also affect the cutting quality.

3. Getting rid of the dust and dirty part in the metal laser cutting machine.

4. Cleaning the guide rail frequently. Getting rid of the dust. Marking sure the guide rail and rack and pinion timely. Adding the lubricanting oil on the metal surface. Cleaning out the servo motor timely.

5. Cleaning the consumables of steel laser cutter machine in the long run. Protecting the fiber laser cutting head. Checking the fiber laser cutting head in certain time. If there are some deformation or others situation happen, then it will show the problem happened on the fiber laser cutting head. We should change the fiber laser cutting head. If not change, it will affect the cutting quality. Some products will need second time processing. It will affect the cutting efficiency.

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