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The color of metal laser marking depends what?

The color of metal laser marking mainly depends on the nature of the material, and secondly depends on the power of the laser (that is, the power, the speed, the width of the spacing, and the frequency).

Generally speaking, the fiber laser marking machine can print white characters on metal, and the metal laser marking can call up various colors such as black, white, and yellow.

When printing white, you need to adjust the laser marking parameters.

Ordinary and marking metal marking

Ordinary laser marking machine can only print gray or black gray text information on aluminum products. What can blacken aluminum is a special fiber laser marking machine, we also call it full pulse width laser marking machine.

This laser marking machine can directly produce black effect on aluminum materials. Magnesium aluminum, aluminum oxide, and various aluminum materials are common.

There are many places where we can use laser marking machines to perform aluminum blackening operations. For example, the back cover text and logo of the popular Apple iPhone are blacked out using alumina laser marking machine equipment.

There are also some company product information texts. , Trademarks, batch numbers, etc., are all made by alumina laser.

Moreover, its marking performance is diverse. It can be marked either stationary or moving. Its marking speed is fast.

The character type can be vector and bitmap graphics and text, and the operation is simple.

Its application range is also very wide, such as aluminum alloy, aluminum oxide, stainless steel, plastic products, IC, buttons, clocks, chargers, mold industry, apple case, mobile phone case and other industries.

So the laser marking machine can print black and white, and everyone can learn how to operate it.

The color of metal laser marking is very beautiful, and people like metal products very much, so in the future, many people will buy marking machines and start businesses.

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