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Metal cabinet fiber laser cutting machine

Metal cabinet fiber laser cutting machine.

In processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobiles, machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, metal external processing, etc. industry

Metal laser cutting machine suitable materials.

It is mainly for cutting fast cutting of various metal materials.

Such as carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, and galvanized sheet.

Fiber laser cutting machine tips

Firstly,Always check the steel strip and make sure it is tight. Otherwise, if something goes wrong during the operation, it may hurt people. The steel strip looks like a small thing, and the problem is still a bit serious.

Secondly,Check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine every six months, and find that the maintenance and debugging are not normal.

If you don’t do this, it is possible that the effect of cutting out is not so good, the error will increase, and affect the cutting quality. This is a top priority and must do this work.

Thirdly,Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust and dirt from the machine once a week. All electrical cabinets should be clean and dustproof.

Fourthly,Each guide rail should be cleaned frequently to eliminate dust and other debris.

And lubricated to ensure lubrication without debris. Clean and lubricate the guide rails frequently.

And the motor should do that too. The machine can move better during the process of travel, more accurate cutting, and the quality of the cut products will be improved. .

Finally,The double focal length laser cutting head is a fragile item on the laser cutting machine, which causes damage to the laser cutting head due to long-term use.

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Fiber laser cutting machine after sell service-Wendy

Fiber laser cutting machine after sell service

Fiber laser cutting machine after sell service.

Fiber laser cutting machine training service

laser cutting machine

XT LASER. adheres to put customers at the first place to provide complete installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, pre-sales and after-sales service for your company.

Firstly,Pre-sale services 

Before signing a contract, our company provides customers a variety of production technology proposal, technical advice of laser equipment, sample specimens, equipment selection, and price etc. all aspect of consulting and services.
We sincerely welcome customers to visit our company and factory, and we provide customers reception staff, food, transportation and other facilities.

Secondly,Sale of services

Based on the contract, we delivery laser machine to customers place safely within the specified time, and send engineer to install at user place. Under the basic conditions of installation machine, engineer will complete the installation and commissioning machine within 1-2 days for the user, and ensure neat, clean and orderly.

We provide technical training. After the installation and commissioning completed, engineer will service buyer operator at least 5 days at buyer place or at seller factory until the operator can operate machine. The training as follows:

  • Traning operating instruction of turning on and off machine;
  • Meaning of panel and control parameters,
  • Training parameter selection range;
  • Training control software operation ;
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning of the machine;
  • Dealing with common hardware problem;
  • Noted question in operating ;
  • In addition to, we also provide users technical support related their producing products.

One Installation Service “one-time” OK

Firstly,Machinery and circuit check

Explain the functions of machine parts and ensure machine’s long-term operation

Secondly,Operating guide

Explain the use of machines and software. Guide the customer proper use, extend product life and reduce energy consumption

Thirdly,Machine maintenance

Explain the maintenance of machine parts to extend product life and save the energy consumption

Fourthly,Product Process guide

Depending on different materials, do testing to get optimal processing parameters to ensure the best quality of products

Finally, Site clean-up services

Clean the customer site when service is completed.

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Hight quality precision fiber laser metal cutting-Wendy

Hight quality precision fiber laser metal cutting

Precision fiber laser metal cutting.

Precise laser cutting performed in the same way as a traditional milling machine. Both techniques allow cutting on X, Y and Z axes that apply to cutting mechanisms. Meanwhile, a milling machine uses a drill to create cuts, a laser cutter uses a high-energy laser.

Laser cutting is the easiest for the product, allowing cutting to start at the edge of the material. Most precision laser cutters have both piercing and continuous wave cutting capabilities. Pierce holes often add a few seconds of production time to each part and should be avoided if possible.

Laser cutting offers many advantages over traditional metal cutting techniques because laser cutting produces no physical contact with the cut materials. As a result, laser cutting provides improved accuracy and can cut complex shapes. Other benefits include consistency across a wide range of parts, partial deformation, and the ability to quickly create design changes. In addition, the risk of injury will be smaller.

Laser cutting equipment

Laser cutting machines have two types: CO2 gas and solid state Nd: YAG. CO2 laser interesting activity of atoms contained in a mixture of CO2 that resides in the laser chamber. When excited the electrons in the molecule expel some of their energy in the form of light energy. The result is a high-temperature laser beam that melts, evaporates, or burns contact points created with the facility.

Carbon dioxide laser cutters create continuous waves into higher powers than Nd: YAG lasers. They are also quite power efficient, continuous wave outputs for industrial CO2 laser cutting machines ranging from a few milliwatt (mW) and a few hundred kW (kW). A current radio frequency or can be used to stir CO2 mixtures. RF resonance is less prone to erode electrodes and is therefore more common.

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Common Problems for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – Alex

Fiber laser cutting machine main use high temperature gasify metal material and blow the gas away under the help of inert gases. Compared with traditional cutting process, it have very high precision and fast cutting speed. At the same time, its loss rate is very low, so it have more and more wide application.

When use fiber laser cutting machine, also we will face many different problems, follows is some common problems and solution. It can help us use this machine better.

laser cutting machine

Erosion on the sharp corners

When fiber laser cutting machine cut sharp corner, laser will turn to another side when finish one side. During this process, laser head will become ZERO then back to normal speed. Laser will stay on the corner parts for long time but laser power keep working. Due to the heat radiating area is very small near the corner so the corner temperature will be very high and metal will be melt. So the corners parts is not smooth.

Laser can’t cut through the metal

The most common reason is laser generator power attenuation so that the power is not enough to cut through the plate.

Additional, so high cutting speed, focus lens broken, laser path and voltage problems are common reason cause this problem.

Of course, material problems, auxiliary gas low pressure, water cooling system also may can rise this problem.

No laser output

Follow reason may cause this problem.

    1. laser generator is aged so the laser power become weak.
    2. Electric current is not enough so that the laser output is weak.
    3. Too many dust in the laser generator, it may pollute optical parts and laser light can’t go through.
    4. Laser power supply don’t work but cooling system keep working so that some parts freeze.

Cutting process is discontinuous

For fiber laser cutting machine, discontinuous cutting is very common. Usually it will bring large waste for our work.

Unreasonably program is the most common reason to rise this problem. Metal fiber laser cutting need close to the cutting surface. When we cut many different parts on one plate, program select lineation first then cutting acquiescently. It can avoid laser cutting head crash the cut parts and broken laser cutting head. When we white the program if some position is not closed, laser cutting will be discontinuous. 

Also, change auxiliary gas during cutting process also may cause this problem. We know auxiliary gas will blow away the gasified metal, when we continue cutting the same parts after change gas, the position may be little different with finished position.

In this case, how we can avoid these problem?  Next items we will discuss how to avoid these problems.

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FAQS about fiber laser cutting machine — Doris

FAQS about fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine now widely used in metal processing, which is the new trend and future in metal cutting field.

As first time purchasing, customers may have many question, below some answers hope can help you!

1.What is laser cutting?

RE: Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Basically, this entails firing a laser beam at material to melt, cut, or vaporize it to form the required shape.

2.How accurate is laser cutting?
RE: Machine suppliers quote plus or minus 0.1mm, though the reality is that this can vary significantly without constant servicing and maintenance. XTLASER can work to tighter tolerances if requested, but this takes time to adjust machine parameters. Additionally, a laser cut on thicker materials can be difficult to measure accurately due to gas striations.
3.What materials can you cut?
RE: Materials currently include mild steel (0.5-25mm), stainless steel (0.5-20mm) and aluminium (0.5mm to 15mm) in most forms. As well as brass, copper, galvanized sheet, silver and gold. But the industry is changing with the advent of fibre laser technology.
4. What drawing files can you accept?
RE: DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP and NC files are the most common and easily transferrable into most CAD/CAM systems.
5. What’s the smallest hole you can laser cut?
RE: The traditional rule was that the thickness of material was equal to the smallest diameter hole. But this has changed with the advent of advanced piercing techniques and further still with the on-going development of fiber laser technology.
6. Why should I laser cut?
RE: It is probably the most cost-effective and fastest way of producing a clean and accurate profile.
7.How thick is a laser beam?
RE: This can vary dependent on optic cleanliness, but the optimum C02 laser beam is 0.2mm. Again, this has changed with fibre lasers, as this is a more controllable beam delivery system and is closer to 0.1mm.

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