Laser drilling process–Winnie

Laser drilling is a laser processing technology that uses a high-power-density. Short-time stay (less than laser cutting) pulse heat source to perform drilling. The aperture can  formed by single or multiple pulses.
In the punching process, a small hole of sufficient size is first prepare using the punching mode, so that the subsequent cutting process starts from here. The drilling or penetrating process requires a repeatable pulse laser beam with high peak power, which is also achieve with a high air pressure. After the workpiece penetrates, the laser beam cuts through the peak power and even changes to a pulse-free mode.
The solid-state laser has a short wavelength and can achieve high-intensity pulse output, so it is more suitable for laser drilling, such as Nd: YAG laser, Nd: glass laser, and Nd: ruby ​​laser.
CO2 lasers are commonly use to make holes in non-metallic materials, such as ceramics, composites, plastics or rubber. Laser drilling of metal materials requires pulsed lasers, and the beam focusing power density should be above 10 ^ 5 W / mm ^ 2 (6.5 W / in. ^ 2 × 10 ^ 7 W / in. ^ 2).
Focusing of the laser beam.

Laser drilling process

In the laser drilling mode, a short focal length lens is need to focus the high peak power beam of the pulsed laser on a spot of the order of 0.6 mm in diameter to achieve the power density level required for drilling.
Low divergence of the laser beam can  achieve with specific laser resonators. The beam diameter can controlle by changing the aperture of the focusing device. Therefore, the aperture can be used to increase the energy density of the focused beam and increase the intensity distribution of the beam.
Advantages of laser drilling technology

Laser drilling has most of the advantages of laser cutting. It only needs to make a certain angle between the light beam and the surface of the material to achieve the laser beam intake and drilling, which effectively avoids the occurrence of impact and breakage events caused by structural interference during mechanical processing.

Other laser drilling advantages

1. Short opening time

2. Strong automation adaptability

3.Can be used for penetrating processing of difficult-to-open materials

4. Compared with mechanical drilling, there is no mechanical wear between the workpiece and the workpiece during the drilling process.

Laser drilling is the earliest practical laser processing technology and one of the important application areas of laser processing. Laser drilling is mainly used for metal materials such as steel, platinum, molybdenum.  Tantalum, magnesium, germanium, silicon, light metal materials such as copper, zinc, aluminum. Stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys, nickel-based alloys, titanium, platinum.  And common hard alloys Materials and ceramic substrates, artificial stones, diamond films, ceramics.  Rubber, plastics, glass, etc. in non-metallic materials.

The Most Neglected Details Of The Fiber Laser Cutter-Anne

    The Most Neglected Details Of The Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber laser cutter is a laser cutting machine using fiber laser generator as light source.

Optical fiber laser is a new type of optical fiber in the world.
which outputs high energy density laser beam and gathers on the surface of the workpiece.
which makes the workpiece melt and gasify the area illuminated by the ultrafine focus spot instantaneously.

However, fiber laser cutting machine is not omnipotent, no matter how perfect the equipment will also have its shortcomings, we should not only see its superior processing performance, but also pay attention to its own current limitations, such as processing material attribute restrictions, strict processing specifications, and so on.

First of all, the fiber laser cutting machine processing category.

Before the fiber laser cutting machine mainly belongs to the metal laser cutting machine processing category, so the main cutting metal, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, acid washing plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plate and pipe cutting.

But with the development of technology, the technology of non-metallic cutting in plastics, composites and plexiglass has also matured.

Secondly, fiber laser cutting machine does not recommend long-term cutting aluminum, copper and other rare metal materials, although the processing of these materials are really good.

but because these materials belong to high-reflective materials , the long-term action on these materials may affect the service life resulting in the subsequent processing effect is not good.

It will also increase the use of consumables.

Finally, the laser cutter is based on its high power Small difference, cutting thickness also changes.

The greater the power, the greater the cutting thickness;

The thinner the metal material, the faster the cutting speed. Tthe laser cutter for thin plate cutting advantage is very obvious.

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Fiber laser cutter running cost-Bonnie

Fiber laser cutter running cost

Now there is many different metal cutting equipment in the market. Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the most advanced solution.

It is becoming more and more popular as its excellent cutting effect and low running cost. Compared with tradition cutting equipment, fiber laser cutter should be the most economic machine.

Fiber laser cutter may include 3 parts running cost, electric power, auxiliary gas and quick wear parts.

First, Electric power cost for fiber laser cutting machine

There is three main part need use electric power, laser source, machine bed and water chillier. Follow date based on 1000w fiber laser source.

We know fiber laser source have very high photoelectric conversion, and it is about 25%. So one set 1000w laser source will cost 4kw power per hour. About machine bed, the main electric power cost parts are servo motor, reducer and control system, and  servo motor is main. Now we total use 4 sets servo motor for 1500*3000mm fiber laser cutting machine. Its total power is about 4kw.  Water chiller also have high power cost, for 1000w laser source, the suitable chillier will cost about 3kw per hour. In this case, one set 1000w fiber laser cutter’s total power cost is 11kw.

But actually, one machine’s real cost is only about 60%. As it is not possible if all parts keep running with full power. So one 1000w fiber laser machine only cost about 6.6kw/hour. We get this date from thousands of test. Nearly no any machine can cost less then fiber laser.

Sencond, Auxiliary gas

Fiber laser cutting need use auxiliary gas. Mild steel need use O2 gas, and other metals main use N2 gas. Also we can use compressed gas when cut thin ss and ms less than 2mm. Auxiliary gas cost have relation with metal thickness, so we can’t list it here, and just some recommend for reference.

According to our experience and customers’ feedback,  liquid nitrogen and  liquid oxygen is better. First, liquid gas is cheaper. Second, each tank have some rest when using. As its pressure become low so that we can’t use it on running. But when we use liquid gas, it is one big tank, no need change tank always. So all gas will be use.

Third, Quick wear parts

Fiber laser cutting machine quick wear parts main include protective lens, focus lens, nozzle and ceramic rings. Their lifetime is about 500 hours and Ceramic rings lifetime is about 1 year. Protective lens and nozzle is cheap and about 15~30usd/piece. Ceramic ring not more than 100usd/piece. Focus lens is about 150usd/piece.

Except above cost, fiber laser cutting machine near have no any other running cost. Even its price is very high when we buy, but running cost should be the cheapest.

Four Factors Affect Steel Laser Cutting Machine Price-Anne

Four Factors Affect Steel Laser Cutting Machine Price

With the development of sheet metal processing market, the demand of steel laser cutting machine also increase, now there are various laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market, and the price of laser cutter are also different from each other, some of which are even far from each other. So what factors affect the steel laser cutter machine price?

laser cutting machine






Next, XT laser will share with you.

1. Production process level leads to different price

Due to the different market and the different production technology level in the production process of metal laser cutting machine, it also leads to the price gap between different manufacturers.

2. Configuration affects price

Different configuration cause the steel laser cutter price difference.

The price is qualitative according to the quality of configuration. Good laser accessories can make the laser cutting machine have good performance.this will reduce the overall power consumption. so low heat and loss as well as low heat will not damage the substrate.So,your machine will have a long work lifespan.

3. Different model machine with different price

Before purchasing the steel laser cutter, you need know the material, now the common laser cutting machine can be divided into: co2 laser cutter, fiber laser cutting machine, mixed laser cutting machine and other models, you need choose machine depends on your materials size, thickness, and metal or nonmetal,those different type laser machine have different price.

4. Depends on quality and service.

The timeliness of after-sales service of good steel laser cutting machine manufacturers can guarantee our continuous production and won’t let us suffer losses. However, some laser cutting machine manufacturers delay after-sales service and the quality of after-sales personnel is not high, which eventually leads to our production delay and loss,so,when you buy a laser machine,you’d better to consider the service and training factors. Finally, it is suggested that we should not only consider the price,but also consider the brand, quality, after-sales and other factors when purchasing a steel laser cutting machine. We suggest that the user can simply understand the basic knowledge before choosing the steel laser cutter, and then select the one that suitable for your business.

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How to Improve the Accuracy of Metal Fiber Laser Cutter?- Bonnie

How to Improve the Accuracy of Metal Fiber Laser Cutter?

The accuracy of  metal fiber laser cutter directly affects cutting quality. If there is a problem in accuracy, the workpiece is unqualified. So operators should learn several important factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting.

Generally speaking, the smaller the focusing spot, the higher the accuracy of laser cutting.  For example, When the slit is small enough, the minimum spot can reach 0.01mm. Besides, the workpiece of material also has a impact on laser cutting accuracy. Similarly, the cutting precision of different materials is also slightly different. Even if it is the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting precision will be different.

So how to improve the accuracy under different conditions?

1. Control focus position. The smaller the depth of focus, the smaller the focussed diameter of the beam. So it is very important to control the position of the focus relative to the surface of the cutting material

2. Cutting and punching technique. In all but a few cases, any hot cutting technique requires a small hole in the plate.

3. Nozzle design and air flow control technology. When steel cutting, the oxygen and laser beam are shot through the nozzle to the cutting material, forming an airflow beam. So the sufficient oxygen makes the material sufficiently exothermic and there is also enough energy to eject the molten material.

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Whole board cutting: fast, stable and high quality—Winnie

Whole board cutting: fast, stable and high quality—Winnie

In the process of laser cutting of the whole board. Due to different materials and cutting environments, poor processing in local areas often occurs.  In general, in order to deal with local faulty products. The staff will greatly affect the entire production schedule, thereby affecting laser processing effectiveness.

Based of such a problem, during the production process or before mass production. A trial cutting and mass production process is needing.

Whole plate cutting process

The cutting process of XTlaser divide into two processes: trial knife and mass production. The test knife generally chooses a round square for cutting. Generally, the size of the round square is not strictly require. But the deviation between the actual size and the cut size must determine in order to compensate for the size during mass production. The main purpose is to check whether the parameters Normal cutting, cutting section and cutting size are qualified. It is recommende to select the test knife pattern for the test.

The starting point for mass production is setting at the bottom right of the part. In order to reduce the error caused by the deformation during the cutting process. It recommende that the part be 5mm to 10mm away from the edge of the board.

Advantages of laser plate cutting

1) During the cutting process, there is no need for staff supervision. After the cutting is completed, the machine will automatically send a signal to remind the staff to replace the plate, thereby saving labor and material costs.

2) When the tool is tested, the machine will automatically compensate the dimensional deviation to the graphic of mass production. And complete the processing of the batch sheet more intelligently.

3) According to the difference in thickness, processing format and processing complexity of the plate, there are strict size requirements and stable parameters before mass production, and the quality and processing of the workpiece are high to achieve fast, stable and high-quality processing results. .

4) The micro-connection of the cutting workpiece during mass production can effectively avoid the workpiece from being warped due to the thermal deformation of the plate during the entire board cutting process, avoid parts overturning, collision, and cutting misalignment, thereby improving the smoothness of the entire board cutting.

Haimuxing’s laser plate cutting technology solves the problem of plate waste in the process of batch plate processing. It is suitable for batch and large-scale automate production, optimizing the entire production process, and greatly improving the production efficiency of laser sheet metal processing.

With the continuous innovation and application of XTlaser cutting process technology, problems such as slow perforation, slow cutting speed, difficult to cut thick plates, poor cutting cross-section quality, deviations in cutting parameters, easy thermal deformation of plates, and unstable production of the entire plate have been successively encountere. A breakthrough has achieve to achieve long-term efficient and stable operation of the equipment and help processors increase efficiency and add value.

Five advantages of laser processing compared with other thermal cutting methods–Winnie

Five advantages of laser processing compared with other thermal cutting methods

Laser cutting is to use a focused high power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece.  So that the irradiated material quickly melts, vaporizes, ablates or reaches the ignition point. And at the same time blows out the molten material by means of a high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, so as to cut the workpiece open. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. Compare with other thermal cutting methods, the specific advantages of laser cutting can summarize as follows:

Good cutting quality:

Due to the small laser spot, high energy density, and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can achieve better cutting quality.

① The laser cutting incision is narrow, the two sides of the slit are parallel and perpendicular to the surface. And the dimensional accuracy of the cutting part can reach ± ​​0.05mm.

② The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, and the surface roughness is only tens of micrometers. Even laser cutting can use as the last process without mechanical processing, and the parts can use directly.

③ After laser cutting, the width of the heat-affected zone is small. The performance of the material near the slit is almost unaffecte. And the workpiece deformation is small, the cutting accuracy is high, the geometry of the slit is good. And the cross-sectional shape of the slit is more regular. Rectangle.

High cutting efficiency:

Due to the transmission characteristics of lasers, laser cutting machines generally equippe with multiple numerically controlle worktables. And the entire cutting process can fully numerically controlle. During operation, just changing the NC program can be used to cut different shapes of parts, both 2D and 3D.

Fast cutting speed:

2mm thick low carbon steel plate can be cut with a power of 1200W laser, the cutting speed can reach 15000px / min; 5mm thick polypropylene resin plate, the cutting speed can reach 30,000px / min The material does not need to be clamped and fixed during laser cutting, which can save tooling and fixtures, and save the auxiliary time of loading and unloading.

Non-contact cutting:

The cutting torch has no contact with the workpiece during laser cutting, and there is no tool wear. When processing different shapes of parts, there is no need to change the “tool”, only the output parameters of the laser need to change. The laser cutting process has low noise, low vibration and no pollution.

There are many types of cutting materials:

Compared with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting, there are many types of laser cutting materials, including metal, non-metal, metal-based and non-metal-based composite materials, leather, wood and fibers. But for different materials, due to their own thermophysical properties and different laser absorption rates, they show different laser cutting adaptability.

In summary, from the perspective of market conditions, the laser processing market has grown steadily. Against the background of weak macroeconomic and industrial demand, laser processing equipment has maintained a steady growth in the scale of the industry with its business needs in the high-end processing market.

Compare with traditional machine tool cutting and other thermal processing, so laser processing has multiple technical advantages, which are in line with the requirements of high precision, low wear and high efficiency require by the high-end processing market.


How to improve the utilization of sheet metal by fiber laser cutting machine—Winnie

How to improve the utilization of sheet metal by fiber laser cutting machine

The processing of fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications in China. And its high efficiency and precision processing advantages have consistently favore by the processing industry.

The laser cutting system mainly compose of the three main parts of the machine tool host. The laser and the control system. The overall design is very friendly. The programming method is simple and easy to understand. And the precise cutting trajectory control capability is suitable for use in various processing sites. Improved productivity


When the fiber laser cutting machine is processing sheet metal. How to maximize the utilization of sheet metal is an important issue. For a square sheet metal, a small rectangular sheet metal workpiece must cut from this square sheet metal. Considering its maximum utilization, it can cut directly in the middle and then taken out, but in this case. The excess sheet metal around it can no longer use.

How to improve the utilization of sheet metal by fiber laser cutting machine

If we want to consider the utilization of sheet metal, we must start from the edge and calculate its remaining sheet metal material to achieve the maximum use of sheet metal workpieces and save material. Therefore, it is very important to improve the utilization efficiency of sheet metal workpieces. Accurate cutting of sheet metal workpieces is conducive to making the workpiece process in one step, saving manpower, and also reducing unnecessary material waste and cost.
Fiber laser cutting machine has high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle. Whether it is simple or complex parts, you can use laser to achieve a rapid prototyping and cutting at the same time, its operation is convenient, low cost, cutting effect It is also very good. It is precisely the fiber laser cutting machine that has such a unique advantage that allows laser processing equipment to enter the road of rapid development. It is also because of the addition of laser cutting technology that China’s sheet metal processing industry can be more and more it is good.

How to use fiber laser cutting machine scientifically-Anne

How to use fiber laser cutting machine scientifically

The cutting quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine is the most concerned by customers. At the same time, it is also a skill training that craftsmen need to constantly improve. However, in order to cut satisfactory samples, it is necessary to use optical fiber laser cutting machine scientifically.
Let’s take a look at the evaluation criteria of cutting quality and the methods of realizing high quality cutting from the following three points:

1.The cutting section is smooth, the grain is less, and there is no brittle fracture.

When the optical fiber laser cutting machine work,  laser beam deviates will show the cutting marks. So a laser slight reduction in the rate at the end of the cutting process can eliminate the formation of the pattern.

2.The cutting slit width.

Thickness of the cutting plate and the size of the nozzle influence The size of the slit

In general, if the metal plate is thin, the nozzle selected will be small, because the amount of assist gas required is relatively small. Similarly, if the metal plate is thick, it needs more assist gas, so the nozzle is also large, and the cutting seam will be widened accordingly. So we have to look for the right type of nozzle in order to cut out a good product.

3.The cutting verticality is good and the heat affected area is small.

The verticality of the edge is a very important element of laser cutting.

The laser beam diverts when away from focus, depending on the position of the focus, the cut widens toward the top or bottom, the more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

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Learn how to adjust fiber laser cutting machine focusing-Anne

Learn how to adjust fiber laser cutting machine focusing

For now,more and more customers using laser cutting machine.

Today XT LASER will share with you how to adjust fiber laser cutting machine focusing:

1. Testing cut, observe cutting section to judge if the focus point is too big or small. Slag (too big), Grain (to small).
2. Turn on the focal point control panel before cutting head to do manual focal point adjust.
3. When focal point data is 0, turn the focusing wheel to the left, then do cutting test.
4. When the focal point data is too small, there is slag at the rough bottom of the surface of the cutting sample (the focus is too small to cut through).
5. When the focal point data is +5 or bigger, turn the focusing wheel to the right, then do cutting test.
6. Cutting surface has obvious pattern on when the focal point data is too large.
7. After cutting test, observe the cutting surface and adjust the focusing wheel till the right data.
8. When the focal point is at the right place, the surface of the sample is smooth and without hanging slag.
9. Finish the testing.
10. Focusing adjust for carbon steel ( the same as manual laser cutting head focusing)
12. Focusing adjusting for stainless steel (the same as manual laser cutting head focusing)

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