How to prevent medium and high power laser cutter device condensation?-Angelina

How to prevent medium and high power laser cutter device condensation?

Today, the XTlaser is about the anti-condensation precautions for neutral and high-power laser cutter in summer.

The internal condensation of the laser is due to the fact that the water vapor in the air has reached saturation.

This will cause rust damage to the internal components of the laser.

It will seriously prevent the laser from working as usual.

The consequences of laser condensation are so serious, what are the precursors to the internal condensation of the laser cutter?

Usually, there is a small water droplet on the wall of the cold water pipe on the laser.

At this time, the condensation will not spread to the inside of the laser.

And it will take some time for the internal condensation to occur.

In general, the laser will condense when the cooling water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature.

The figure is divided into 4 blocks of color, each of which corresponds to different dew-setting temperatures.

range 1 — dew-setting temperature in the white + green area is lower than 20℃;

range 2 — dew-setting temperature in the yellow area is between 20℃ and 25℃;

and range 3 — dew-setting temperature in the red area is higher than 25℃.

When the environment is in the range 1, the low dew point is a safe range.

We can set the cooling water temperature .

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When the environment is in the range 2, it is the dangerous range of condensation, which may happen if there is a little carelessness.

Therefore, XTlaser suggests that if the cooling water temperature is close to the dew point temperature.

Then we can appropriately adjust the water temperature to avoid condensation.

If the ambient temperature continues to rise, then it needs to be handled in range 3.

The scope of the three is bound to dewing, so we suggest installing air conditioning or machine tool outsourcing boxes to reduce the temperature when economic conditions permit.

Furthermore if the cooling capacity and flow of the water cooler has enough redundancy.

We can adjust the water temperature  to increase by about 2 degrees Celsius.

This method has limited effect, the most recommended is to reduce the working environment temperature.