Portable fiber laser marker-Katherine

Portable fiber laser marker

This article will tell you the portable fiber laser marker.

There are three parts can be shown it for you.

  • Machine model
  • Advantage
  • Main components

Machine Model  of  fiber  laser  marker


Low cost, multiple functions in one machine, small portable case, and small floor space

Simple operation process, flexible and convenient to move, not restricted by space

Stable performance

Long service life- 2year warranty

Clear handwriting

Low power consumption and economical consumables

Main components

  • Raycus laser source:

The best Chinese brand, low failure rate

High Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency
Customized Output Fiber Length
Maintenance-free Operation
Wide Modulation Frequency Range
Small Size, Easy to Install

  • Sino galvo head

Small light loss, small volume
High positioning accuracy
Fast marking speed and strong anti-interference ability, etc.
It is suitable for laser fine processing of various large surface, complex surface and deep carving
High speed system, meets above 3000mm/s precision hatch speed
Maximum scan field up to 300x300mm

  •  Original BJJCZ control board and Ezcad software(2.14.15 version)

Easy to operate.
Support for real-time updating
Support windows 7/8/10






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