Optical fiber welding machine——Pascal

Optical fiber welding machine

Model: 200W

Laser parameters

Laser type: YAG

Wavelength: 1064nm

Output power: 200W

Maximum single pulse energy: 70J

Maximum peak value: 7.5kw

Light splitting method: energy/time/high-speed time splitting

Fiber length: 5m
Fiber core diameter: 0.4~0.6
Number of optical fibers: four optical paths / six optical paths

Machine parameters

Power consumption of the whole machine: 6kw

Power demand distance: AC220±10% /50HZ

Welding focal length: F=120mm

Cooling method: water cooling
Whole machine weight: 350kg
External light size of the whole machine: 1320*660*1100

Optical fiber welding machine’ Features

  • Firstly,Because this fiber laser welding machine uses an imported condensing cavity, the conversion efficiency of the laser is higher, so the spot is thinner and the penetrating power is stronger.
  • Secondly,The machine has a unique energy feedback technology, which can accurately control the energy of each laser point, effectively ensuring the uniform and consistent welding effect.

Product advantages

  • Firstly,This equipment uses a unique optical system design with stable optical performance.
  • Secondly,The repeatable frequency of the machine is high and the welding speed is faster.
  • Thirdly,The design of the machine is very user-friendly, equipped with a stage for easy operation.
  • Fourthly,The light-blocking shutters of each optical path in the host can meet the requirements of repair welding


Application field

Mainly used in welding such as BOSA and TOSA.


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