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Numerical control laser cutting technology for metal pipes

Numerical control laser cutting technology for metal pipes. At present, China has developed into the world’s largest steel production and consumption country.

In recent years, in order to meet the needs of the industrial market, various laser processing equipment products for pipe. Then other three-dimensional workpiece cutting is introduce.

With TRUMPF, BLM, MAZAK as Representative foreign famous laser companies have a large number of high-end laser tube processing equipment for practical industrial production.

Especially in the automotive manufacturing industry, oil exploration, machinery manufacturing, metal pipe processing is using widely.

Domestic such equipment is still in the research and development stage. And The corresponding process and technology research is getting more and more attention from relevant experts and domestic laser companies.

Laser cutting machine

With the rapid growth of metal pipe production and consumption in China, pipe laser cutting equipment is rapidly spreading in China.

The rapid growth of demand for CNC cutting talents and laser tube cutting technology also highlights the serious shortage of laser tube cutting equipment and CNC cutting talents and processes.

Lag. As a result, the cutting efficiency is low, the cutting quality is poor. And the pipe is seriously wasting.

This article will introduce and analyze the main technical issues of laser tube cutting and provide targeted solutions.

1. Large-length metal pipe full-stroke automatic laser cutting and cutting

For the process requirement of full-length automatic laser cutting and cutting of large-length metal pipe.

Then, a unique double-drive pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism (active shaft W, driven shaft W1) and left-side active shaft W-axis pneumatic chuck are adopted in the mechanical structure.

The rotating mechanism is fixed, the pipe is clamped, and the pipe is cut by the X, Y, W movement of the machine tool.

The right driven shaft W1 pneumatic chuck rotating mechanism can move along the workpiece along the workpiece axis.

Which can achieve large Length metal pipe full-automatic laser cutting and cutting.