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What is Mopa?

Mopa is also belong to a kind of fiber laser, so firstly, let me start with pulsed fiber laser, pulsed fiber laser types mainly include two types of Q-switching technology and MOPA technology.

The machine use Mopa technology, mostly use for marking color on Stainless steel, black and gray color on aluminium oxide, for example, iphone ipad, all kinds of plastic. MOPA Laser with big laser power also use for deep marking on metal product. In addition, Mopa adopt quality 20W 30W JPT M1 M6 M7  laser source and Galvo scanner head. Recently more and more customer use MOPA colour laser engraving machine for personalise and rework the backcase of watch. So you can see the different about fiber laser color marking and mopa laser marking machine as below:

Advantage of Mopa laser engraving marking priting machine

The MOPA laser marker with short pulses and lower pulse energy, the material is e.g. heated less and the area of the heat affected zone is reduced. So it’s good for laser marking metals and plastics:Q-switching technology fiber laser machine is free maintenance, long lifetime, air cooling,economic price. Then let´s know about the parameter of MOPA 20W M1 and Fiber 20W laser as below:

What is M6 MOPA Laser marking machine?

The M6+ series of lasers is new MOPA fiber laser. In other words, there will be more advanced versions of everything. In addition to the advantages of the M1+ series, this M6 MOPA fiber laser also has the advantages of the first pulse available, wider pulse width adjustment and faster responseWhat is MOPA M6 laser machine?


Technology index

Laser parameters optical maser 20W MOPA laser M1 20W MOPA Laser M6
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Average output power >20W >20W
M2 <1.3 <1.3
Modulation frequency range(kHz) 1~1000 1-2000
Pulse width 6-250ns 1-250ns
Maximum Pulse Energy 0.5mJ 0.5mJ
Coolingsystem Cooling way Air cooling Air cooling

 >>Applicable Material of MOPA LASER:

plastic, gold, sliver, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, glass, stone, leather and so on.

>>Applicable Industry of MOPA LASER MARKER

For example, gun, mobile phone, gold & silver jewelry, sanitary ware, medical apparatus and instruments, watches&glassware, auto accessories, electronic hardware. In addition to metals, we can also apply on food packing, tobacco products, medicine packing.

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