The difference between Mopa laser marking machine with Fiber laser marking machine

The difference between Mopa laser marking machine with Fiber laser marking machine

Mopa laser marking machine and Fiber laser marking machine

When we buy a new machine, we want to use it to meet our demands and improve work efficiency.

Fiber laser can mark and engrave on all  metal materials and part of the plastic.While MOPA laser is one of fiber laser.

Firstly,It is able to do the basic work of fiber laser.

Secondly,it also can mark colors on stainless steel(yes, only on SS) and black colors on anodised aluminum.

By the way,it can only mark on the metal surface when it do these two jobs.

That’s why we recommend our clients choose 20w or 30w when they need to mark colors.

2.Laser power
If you want to mark colors on stainless steel, 20w or 30w is ok.The spead of 30w is a litter faster than 20w. It has no 50w.

Fiber laser common power is 20w,30w and 50w.20w is mainly used for surface marking, 30w can do a little engraving(≤0.5mm),and 50w is suitable for deep engraving.

Mopa is mainly used for stainless steel coloring and anodized aluminum blacking.
With the smaller vessel parameters of Mopa laser, the material is not easily deformed.And the shading is more delicate and bright.

Because it can make the laser stay on the material shorter.And it has enough energy to clear the anode layer.

Mopa laser is the best choice for the processing of thin aluminum oxide surface peeling anode.
Mopa lasers have a wide pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment range. Using the parameters of narrow pulse width and high frequency can make a black effect on the surface of the material. Different gray scale effects can also be marked through different parameter combinations.

Because the Mopa laser can flexibly adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters, not only can the line drawn be finer, but also the edges appear smoother.

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