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More and more customers in the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing industry are talking about “service”. The market generally believes that the era of winning hearts and minds by relying on “low price” is over. In order to let consumers stay on the brand, or even stay, fiber laser cutting machine enterprises must transform the trap hidden behind the low price into value-added services.

The fiber laser cutting machine is cheap and often brings a sense of “bomb” to the market. A brand owner of optical fiber laser cutting machine said that “fighting for service” is actually a mental work. The company is using their brains to serve consumers who provide value-added services. They are “friendly” and “useful”. It is the main prerequisite for establishing value-added services.

In recent years, the fiber laser cutting machine industry has gradually developed and matured, and its shortcomings have been gradually reflected in the development process. Many people know little about fiber laser cutting machines. In today’s world of many manufacturers, how to scientifically and correctly select fiber laser cutting machines should be studied from the following aspects:

First of all, the strength of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers. The strength of a manufacturer can generally be investigated from the perspectives of brand awareness, business time, economic strength, etc.

Why put these points first. In recent years, in the fiber laser cutting machine industry, some new companies have been established every year, and related products have been launched. Many companies (including transformation enterprises) will close down every year. The stability of the manufacturer is the first factor. Most well-known companies have many years of industry operation experience and have certain advantages in product and channel support. The risk of cooperation with these manufacturers is relatively small, and replication also has some ready-made promotion methods.

2、 The stable value of the manufacturer’s product. At present, in the fiber laser cutting machine industry, it is unrealistic not to have product problems. The products I mentioned here mainly refer to the solution capabilities and technical support capabilities of manufacturers. Generally speaking, there is no major problem with the use of traditional fiber laser cutting machine. After all, they are all corresponding products, but there are big problems in the ability to solve actual projects. At this time, the manufacturer has provided a relatively complete solution. When the product has problems, it can have corresponding treatment measures and technical support.

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Finally, as a customer, you must go to the manufacturer’s headquarters for inspection, which seems to be well-known. The key problem is not careful enough. The inspection is not only about the company size and product demonstration of the manufacturer. The agent should ask the manufacturer to take him to the local to see the actual project, or he can learn about the actual project in a certain place through other channels, and go to consult and investigate independently. Project investigation is the key point, but classification should also be done well. According to different purposes, more inspections should be carried out on different products, more questions should be raised, listened carefully and compared.

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