Laser marking of fruit and vegetables-kalyn

Laser marking of fruit and vegetables

For sharp and clear laser marking in 4 steps:

· Laser marking 1st step: import your design, logo or text into the  software

· 2nd step: place the fruit, vegetable or piece of meat to be marked on the marking surface

· 3rd step: launch the marking, the laser doesn’t cut through the skin of the product, which retains its flavour, quality and fragrance

· 4th step: remove your laser marked products.

Congratulations, you have reduced your carbon footprint by 98%!

The XT CO2 laser is a real substitute to ink jet marking. As efficient for marking on the fly as it is for stop and go, it lets you mark any type of piece or material reacting to CO2 technology.


Equipment required:

1.Fruit, vegetable, meat etc..

2.Design, logo, text to mark


Machine and software used:

1. 30 W CO2 laser engraving machine

Laser marking of fruit and vegetables

Mini CO2 laser machine

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