Laser cutting machine in the furniture industry-Sophia

Laser cutting machine in the furniture industry-Sophia

In recent years, in the furniture manufacturing industry, laser technology has also been used for cutting and engraving.

And has achieved good results, improving the quality and efficiency of furniture manufacturing.
There are two ways to use laser technology in the furniture manufacturing process: engraving and cutting.

The engraving method is similar to embossing, which is mainly used for non-penetration processing of patterns and text engraving.

The production of Chinese furniture has been carried out in the form of handcrafted by carpenters for thousands of years, but traditional handicraft methods have been unable to meet the current production capacity requirements of the furniture industry.

Laser cutting is one of the most popular cutting techniques and has been widely used in modern home decoration.

Compared to conventional cutting processes, laser cutting machines can cut better quality workpieces and reduce machining steps.

Due to the difficulty of metal processing, the price of metal furniture in the past was very expensive. Metal laser processing has the advantages of arbitrary pattern, random adjustment of size and depth, high precision, fast speed, no burr cutting, automatic typesetting and material consumption, no mold consumption, etc., and solves various problems encountered in metal processing.

In addition, the homogenization of products in the furniture market is now very serious. In this age of individualization, mass production methods are far from meeting the diverse needs of modern society. however. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting machines can provide more types of furniture products at the same cost and the same output, enabling the diversification and multi-functionality of furniture products while ensuring machining accuracy.


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