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Laser Cleaning Machine Application


Nowadays,the current cleaning methods widely popular in the cleaning industry. There is mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. But laser cleaning machine application is greatly under the constraints of environmental protection and the requirements of high-precision market. Therefore, the fiber laser cleaning machine has obvious advantages in various industries.

know more aboutlaser cleaning machines: Quickly, smoothly and accurately clean, remove surface paint, coating, and oxide layer; Equipment processing does not damage the substrate;

The folowing are some advantages of laser cleaning machine application

1. Firstly,Mold cleaning

The laser cleaning processing can easy work on the parts to clean. So it is convenient to use; as the rubber is not gasified. It will not produce toxic gas, which will affect the safety of the working environment.

2.Secondly, Cleaning of weapons and equipment

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon maintenance. The laser cleaner machine can effectively and quickly remove rust and pollutants. And can select the cleaning position to realize the automation of cleaning. Laser cleaning not only has higher cleanliness than chemical cleaning process. But almost no damage to the surface of the object.

3.Thirdly, Cleaning of aircraft paint

The traditional mechanical paint removal method is easy to cause damage to the metal surface of aircraft. It brings hidden danger to safe flight.

4. Cleaning of external walls of buildings

With the rapid development of world’s economy. More and more skyscrapers have been set up. And the problem of building exterior wall cleaning is becoming more and more prominent. Laser cleaning machine application provides a good solution to the cleaning of building exterior wall. It can effectively clean all kinds of pollutants on various stone, metal and glass. And its efficiency is many times higher than that of conventional cleaning. It can also clear the black spots and color spots on various stone materials of buildings.

5. Cleaning in electronic industry

The electronic industry uses laser to remove oxide. The electronic industry needs high-precision decontamination. Especially suitable for using laser to remove oxide.

6. Cultural relics cleaning and protection

To sum up

In the world, laser cleaning and protection technology has been widely used in Museum and building cleaning and protection. Many examples have proved that fiber laser cleaning machine is an effective way to clean cultural relics and paintings.

So,compared with the traditional cleaning technology, fiber laser cleaner has great advantages in terms of economic benefits, cleaning effect and has a broader market prospect.Any question about fiber laser cleaning machine just free to contact XT laser


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