Keyboard fiber laser engraving machine:Charry

Keyboard fiber laser engraving machine

Keyboard fiber laser engraving machine.

Keyboard fiber laser engraving machine
glass laser marking machine

There are some customers in the field of keyboard,laptop,pc,etc.

Want to mark these products,it is no problem.

Now,most of the laptop,pc case is Oxidized aluminum,we recommend MOPA laser source.

It can mark black color on Oxidized aluminum,without any touch feeling,permanent marking.

For keyboard,it is plastic,then it is better to send us material to test.Some keyboard,fiber laser machine can make it.Some need MOPA.

If you also mark the Oxidized aluminum,then choose MOPA laser marking machine.

And for MOPA,there is 2ow and 30w laser power. Usually 20w power can be with 100mm lens,200mm lens.

If use 300mm lens,then 30w is better.

Cause the same laser power,when the lens is larger,the laser power will be weaker,can not mark on materials.

The advantages of the fiber laser marking machine:

Firstly,The fiber laser marking machine has strong processing reliability. The marked graphics, characters, serial numbers, clear and wear-resistant, are non-contact processing, so the processed workpiece is not damaged or deformed.

Secondly,computer drawing, typesetting, scientific.

Thirdly,Strong anti-counterfeiting performance. Make your products less susceptible to counterfeiting, genuine goods, and must be more popular.

Fourthly,marking speed, timeliness, will add endless economic benefits to your business.

Finally,the processing is fine, beautiful, and has a strong appreciation. The marked marking has high precision, beautiful appearance and good viewing effect.

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