What are the key process parameters of high-power laser cutting?(part B)-Flora

What are the key process parameters of high-power laser cutting?

High-power laser cutting technology is a composite advanced manufacturing technology that integrates laser optics, electronics, machinery, technology and materials. The laser cutting process is complex and has many influencing factors, including laser output power, cutting speed, defocusing amount, and cutting material properties. If the process parameters are not selected properly, the cutting quality will be greatly affected, such as rough cutting surface, nicks on the section, or adhesion of slag on the back.

3. Auxiliary gas

A lot of heat is generated during laser cutting. When such a high heat is concentrated, the material at the cutting site will burn, an oxidation reaction will occur, and it is also easy to deform the workpiece. Therefore, some auxiliary gases need to be added, and the commonly used ones are generally oxygen, air, and nitrogen.
The auxiliary gas is sprayed coaxially with the laser beam to protect the lens from pollution and blow away the molten slag at the bottom of the cutting area. For non-metallic and some metal materials, compressed air or inert gas is used to remove the melted and evaporated materials while suppressing the excessive cutting area combustion.

4. Auxiliary gas pressure

In laser cutting, the gas and the focused laser beam are shot through the nozzle to the material to be cut. Thereby forming an air stream. The basic requirement for the air flow is that the air flow into the incision should be large and the speed should be high, so that there is enough oxidation to make the incision material fully carry out the exothermic reaction, and at the same time there is enough momentum to spray the molten material out.
Most metal laser cutting uses reactive gas (oxygen) to form an oxidative exothermic reaction with hot metal. This additional heat can increase the cutting speed by 1/3 to 1/2.

5. Laser output power

The size of the laser power has a considerable influence on the cutting speed, slit width, cutting thickness and cutting quality. The power required by the laser cutting machine is determined by the characteristics of the material and the cutting mechanism. The ideal cutting speed will be Make the cutting surface show a contrast and smooth line, and the lower part of the material will not show slag. In actual operation, the maximum power is often set to obtain a high cutting speed or to cut thick materials.

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