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Jewelry laser welding machine,gold silver repair laser machine

Laser machine has a wide application in jewelry manufacturing field.

Firstly,Fiber laser marking machine can mark and cut jewelry pendant,rings,bracelet.

Secondly,Laser welding machine can repair gold silver metal jewelry.

Here we introduce laser welding machine.


1.machine model

Firstly,for model,there is 3 for available.

Firstly,desktop mini one,built-in water chiller.This is the most popular one.

Secondly,desktop,built-in water chiller.

Thridly,desktop,outside water chiller.


2.Secondly,we share some welding videos.


3.Thirdly,what is the welding material?

It can weld all kinds of  metal materials such as Gold Silver,Platinum ,Copper Titanium Stainless steel etc.

Besides,it also can weld jewelry. such as ring ,earring bracelet ,necklace ,tie bar cuff-link ,as well as metal decoration.


4.Fourthly,how about technical Parameters?

80-100J with 200w power.

Welding Depth:0.1-3.0mm

Pulse Width:0.1-20ms

Laser Frequency:1-50HZ

Adjusting scope of light spot:0.2-3mm


5.And also,Is 80J  enough for for silver welding?

Some European suppliers mentioned that China 80J machine is not enough for silver and pink gold welding.

So,many customers are consufused,whether 80J is enough?Or they have to choose 100J or 120J 150J?

No need to worry this.

If weld silver,only to adjust the suitable parameters.

To set the current and pulse parameters,etc.,then you can achieve it.

More questions just let us know.
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