Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applications-Phoebe

                                    Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applications.



This article is about XT fiber laser cutting machine applications. laser cutting machine with high precision, fast speed, narrow cutting gap, minimum heat affected zone, smooth cutting surface without burrs. It can cut steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, hard alloys and other materials of any hardness without deformation.

In sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics,electrical appliances, subway parts,automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision accessories, ships,metallurgical equipment,elevators,household appliances,craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising , Metal external processing, kitchenware processing and other manufacturing and processing industries. 

  • Firstly, Automobile industry.  Such as car doors, exhaust pipes,need to process after the formation of some redundant corners or burrs,

if use of manual precision is difficult to achieve lots of efficiency.The laser cutting machine could used for batch processing.

  • Secondly,for Advertising industry.As more customers like customized, the traditional way for efficiency is very low, it’s better to use laser cutting machine

, no matter the plate thick and shape,Our laser cutting machine will make you satisfied.

  • Thirdly, for  Kitchenware industry. Now more and more people like decorating their houses, kitchenware products demand is increasing, laser cutting machine is suitable for

cutting stainless steel with fast and high precision,deeply loved by kitchenware manufacturers.

  • Fourthly, for Sheet metal processing. Simply speaking, processing is a variety of plates, a variety of different graphics cutting pieces, laser cutting machine features in this industry

development in full swing.

  • Fifthly, for Cabinet industry.  Electric cabinet, files cabinet,use laser cutting machine 4 station or 6 station is more suitable, efficiency is high. Double layer cutting is possible for certain plates.
  •  At the last, in Exercise equipments.  The fitness equipments are gradually developed, the demand is increasing, is more convenient by using laser cutting  machine.

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