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How to check the laser machine runing well

How to check the laser machine runing well

How to check the laser is normal

When using the laser cutting machine,sometimes the laser cutting machine does not emit light. When such a fault occurs, the first thing to do is to check the machine.

1. Check whether the water is alternated normally, so that the water alternates normally. If the water protection is broken, the water supply can be short-circuited;

2, point pre-adjustment, see if the ammeter swings, if not swing, use the meter to measure whether the laser power supply has 220v power, if there is no light, there may be power failure, need to change;

3. It is also possible to check whether the ground wire and water protection test water on the power supply are bad, check the output power, and if the light is out, the potentiometer is broken and needs to be changed;

4. If the main program does not emit light, the machine card can use the meter to measure 15 (H) or 16 (L) angles and 14 degrees between the 14 corners. If there is any, the card is normal, there is no possible card. The signal has a problem;

5, there is a sound inside the laser power supply, usually the power connector does not touch, re-weld or connect, and then blow the dust inside the power supply.

First, check whether the fiber laser cutting machine water tank alarm.

Second, whether the fiber laser cutting machine emits light.

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