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How to adjust the parameters of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine

How to adjust the parameters of fiber laser cutting machine

For beginners of fiber laser cutting machine, it will be difficult when the cutting quality is not good. Face with many parameters, they don’t know how to adjust.

The following XT LASER laser cutting machine manufacturers briefly introduce the problems and solutions encounter

The parameters that affect the cutting quality are: cutting height, cutting nozzle type, focus position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting duty cycle, cutting air pressure and cutting speed.

The hardware conditions include: protective lens, gas purity, plate quality, focusing lens and collimating lens.

When the quality of fiber laser cutting is poor, it is recommend to perform a general inspection first.

The main content and sequence of the general inspection are:

Firstly, Cutting height (It is recommend that the actual cutting height be between 0.8~1.2mm). If the actual cutting height is not accurate, calibration is require.

Secondly, Check whether the type and size of the cutting edge are used incorrectly. If it is correct, check whether the cut is damage and the roundness is normal.

Thirdly, It is recommend to use a cutting opening with a diameter of 1.0 for optical center detection.

The focal point detected by the optical center should be between -1 and 1. This makes the light spot small and easy to observe.

Forthly,  Protective lens Check whether the protective lens is clean, water-free, oil-free, and slag-free.

Sometimes due to weather or the air is too cold when paving, etc., the protective glasses are fogged.

Firthly, Focus check whether the focus setting is correct. If the cutting head automatically focuses, be sure to use the mobile phone APP to check whether the focus is correct.

Sixly, Modify cutting parameters.

After the above five items are check correctly, modify the parameters according to the cutting phenomenon of the fiber laser cutting machine.