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Guide to fiber laser cutting machine

    Fiber laser cutting machine.
Guide to fiber laser cutting machine
In the daily use of laser cutters, you will encounter all kinds of laser cutter safety problems, will give you a brief guide to laser cutter safety.
A laser cutter is a cutting device which focuses a high energy laser beam onto a material resulting in a high quality and dimensionally accurate cut.
These devices can use to cut, etch, engrave, or drill a variety of materials.
They are often easily affordable and easy to use causing the use of laser cutters by schools, hobbyists, makerspaces and universities to expand significantly.
Laser cutters are normally fully enclose systems that prevent laser operation unless the safety interlock doors are fully close.
They typically contain a carbon dioxide laser that produces invisible laser radiation at a wavelength of 10600 nm in the infrare spectrum.
Since they are a fully enclose and interlock systems, laser cutters are normally a low-risk,
Class 1 lasers in accordance with Safe Use of Lasers.
These devices are safe when use as design, without manipulating the safety features,
so exempt from UW laser registration and other control measures.
However, the lasers embedded inside the enclose system are often Class 3B or Class 4 lasers,
which emit high energy laser beams capable of causing serious eye and skin injury if the beam is not contain within the device.
Therefore, safety interlocks should never be bypass without permission from Radiation Safety.
Laser cutters must be obtained from a reputable suppliers and must be in full compliance with the FDA regulations.

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