How do fiber lasers add barcodes?-Sophia

How do fiber lasers add barcodes?

Marking is a standard application of fiber laser range. The fiber laser is simply programmed to mark in the precise area of the material, which requires a barcode.

This is usually a surface-level mark but can on occasions even be a deeper engraving. Power and duration can be varied to achieve the perfect barcode required for each job.

Barcodes can be marked on a range of metals such as aluminium, brass, copper and steel, etc. Numerous other materials can be barcode marked too including carbon compounds, ceramics, plastics, etc.

Similar marks

Other similar marks, which can be added through fiber lasers include:

QR Codes – a QR code is similar to a barcode. Whilst barcodes only hold information horizontally, QR codes hold information both vertically and horizontally. QR codes can be marked in the same way as barcodes

VIN marking – this is the marking of a vehicle identification number, this is used in the automotive industry primarily to uniquely identify a vehicle. This and other similar serial numbers can be added as marks

If you need to mark barcodes or similar types of code, we can help you. Our range of fiber lasers are perfect for marking, engraving, and so on. We can tailor a solution, which will exactly match your needs.