The principle of fiber laser marking and classification-Wilson

                                               The principle of  fiber laser marking and classification

Before learning about the fiber laser machine,let us take a look what is the principle of fiber laser marking machine.

 the principle of fiber laser marking machine

firstly,Laser marking is the laser beam mark on the surface of various material ,and the effect is permanent.

The deep substance revealed after surface material evaporated.

Or the Light energy caused chemical or physical reactions of surface materials, which lead to the permanent mark.

Light can burn off some of the material and show the etched pattern and text .

Classification of laser marking

Currently,there have two types  recognized the principle of fiber laser marking

1.thermal processing:

A laser beam with a higher energy density ( a concentrated energy flow).

Be illuminating On the surface of the material which be processing .

and then the surface of the material absorbed laser energy,

and a thermal excitation process is generated in the irradiation region.

Thereby the temperature of the surface (or coating) of the material rises, causing metamorphosis, melting, ablation, evaporation, and the like.

2.Cold processing :

The Ultraviolet photons with very high load energy.

Capable of breaking materials (especially organic materials) or the Chemical bond in the surrounding medium,

so that the material undergoes a non-thermal process damage.

So,this cold working has special features in laser marking machining.

because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling that interrupts chemical bonds without causing “thermal damage” side effects.

There is no heating or thermal deformation of the inner layer and the surrounding area of the processing surface

For example, in the electronics industry .

An excimer laser is used to deposit a thin film of chemical material on the substrate material to form a narrow trench on the semiconductor substrate.

Classification of laser marking machine.

Firstly,Lamp-pumped YAG

laser marking machine is a solid-state laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm in the infrared band.

Nd:you could take  YAG laser as a pump source  Nd  is a rare earth element, YAG stands for yttrium aluminum garnet.

As a medium for generating laser light, the pump source emits incident light of a specific wavelength.

causing the working substance to undergo particle number inversion and releasing the laser through energy level transition.

The laser energy need to amplified and shaped to form a usable laser beam.

Secondly,Semiconductor pumped YAG laser marking machine,

generally using a semiconductor laser diode (side or end) to pump Nd:YAG medium.

so that the medium generates a large number of inverted particles to form a giant pulse laser output under the action of the Q switch.

There are two types: semiconductor side pump laser marking machine, semiconductor end pump laser marking machine

Thirdly. Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine uses the laser beam to mark the surface of various materials with permanent marks.

The effect of marking is to expose the deep material by evaporation of the surface material,

or to “engraving” the physical changes of the surface material by light energy.

Or to burn some of the material by light energy to reveal the desired etching pattern. , text, barcode and other graphics.

Fourthly,Fiber laser

Fiber laser refers to a laser using a rare earth-doped glass fiber as a gain medium.

Fiber lasers can be developed on the basis of fiber amplifiers:

under the action of pump light, it is easily formed in the fiber high power density , resulting in laser working substances.

The laser energy level “particle number inversion” can form a laser oscillation output when adding a positive feedback loop (constituting a resonant cavity)

The CO2 laser marking machine

The CO2 laser marking machine is a carbon dioxide laser marking machine,

which is a laser galvanometer marking machine that uses CO2 gas as a working medium.

CO2 laser uses CO2 gas as medium,

the discharge tube charging the  CO2 and other auxiliary gases  and the electrode apply high voltage .

The discharge tube  generating   the glow discharge

so that the gas emits a laser with a wavelength of 10.64um, and the laser energy is amplified and vibrated.

After the mirror scan and the focusing  F-Theta mirror

under the control of the computer and the laser marking control card,the work piece can marking  the image, text, numbers and lines according to the user’s requirements.

Mopa laser marking machine

Mopa laser marking machine The types of pulsed fiber lasers currently used in marking on the market mainly include Q-switching technology and MOPA technology.

before the early years,,Q-switched lasers appear to our eys.

so they currently occupy a large processing market. The MOPA laser has only gradually developed in recent years. As a newer technology,

The UV laser marking machine

firstly,The UV laser marking machine belongs to the series of laser marking machines,

The  355nm UV laser is developing  machine uses the third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology to compare with the infrared laser.

The 355 UV focusing spot is very small.  can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of materials and has little influence on processing heat.

It is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving.

especially suitable for high-speed division of marking of food and medical packaging materials,glass materials.

Application areas such as complex pattern cutting for silicon wafers.

we could see some photos on metal and some materials .

Finally,here is the actual samples by fiber laser machine,please take a look.

the samples by fiber laser marking machine.principles of laser marking the sample on the stainless steel and some metal