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Fiber laser marking machine tutorials

This post is about the tutorial of fiber laser marking machine.

the desktop fiber laser marking machine

1.Start-up tutorial

Check the waterways and circuits before turning on.

The boot sequence is:
Firstly, Connect the incoming power and turn on the key switch. At this time, the machine’s ventilation and cooling system are powered on,

and the ammeter displays a value of about 7A.

Secondly,Wait for 5 to 10 seconds, press the trigger button on the external control panel, the current meter display value is zero, and after 3 to 5 seconds,

the lamp lights, and the current meter displays the value 7A (refer to the laser power supply operation manual).

Thirdly,Turn on the galvanometer power.
Fourthly.Turn on the computer and call up the required marking file.
Fifthly. Adjust the laser power to the working current (10 ~ 18A), and then start marking. (With control panel description)
Firstly,M1: FM laser control mode, suitable for guide post, punch pin, template

Secondly,M2: without first pulse suppression, less use

Thirdly,M3: Continuous output according to the light output signal, suitable for the upper seat of the independent guide post.

T-on: Forced light output, output laser according to the setting mode.

T-off: Lock off. (No exit in any mode)
RUN: running status, laser output according to computer control signal

INNER: internal control mode (set, please switch to this position

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