Fiber laser marking machine-Nancy

Fiber laser marking machine-Nancy

Fiber laser marking machine-Nancy

Here fiber laser marking machine marking photos on metel introduce to you.

The fiber laser marking machine is a great tool for engraving images metal surfaces.

First, photo selection and preparation

Before engraving a photo, firstly to capture in digital form.

If a printed photograph, scanning it, then preferably in color to retain as much detail information as possible.

So with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch.

Second, engraving the Photo

First to import the photo into the software,and the size of the final image.

Then to find the alignment on the machine worktable.

Find the focus of the machine, for now, we have the red lighter indicator, easy to find the focus according to the lifting pillar.

The image clarity and final level of detail depends upon the image’s sharpness.

And the depth of the engraving, engraving material, and fine tuning of the engraving process.

Third, practical Applications

The range of applications for laser engraving of photographs is enormous.

For example, to make ID badges in place of conventional photo ID cards.

It can also be to personalize items such as iPhones and tablets, with the added benefit that as it’s impossible to remove the engraving, it’s a great security feature.

It can also on jewelry charms and other personalized items.

The last, materials

Our fiber laser engraving system can engrave images onto most metals and a range of plastics. laser engraving of photographs using XTLASER fiber laser engraving machine produces outstanding image quality.

The world of laser technology is constantly changing and new innovations are being introduced every day.

We would like to share that world with you.


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