Fiber laser machine introduction for XT laser Martin

Fiber laser machine introduction for XT laser Martin

Fiber laser machine introduction for XT laser Martin

XT laser built in the 2004 year. And the company has more than two hundred people. Waiting for servicing you.

In order to know the fiber laser machine better. Please allow introducing our fiber laser machine.

Totally, we have five kinds of laser machines.


Firstly, we have a Fiber laser marking machine.

About our fiber laser marking machine. We divide into two types. One is a table fiber laser marking machine. Another type is a portable fiber laser marking machine.

Secondly, we have a Fiber laser cutting machine.

About our fiber laser cutting machine. We divide into two types too.

  1. We could provide an open laser cutting machine for lower power. This one is for 1000W/2000W/3000W.
  2. Also, we could provide an enclosed laser cutting machine for a higher power. This one is for more than 3000 Watts. If the power exceed 3000 watts. We suggest using enclosed laser cutting machines for safety. Because it is very dangerous. Once hurt someone, it would be irreversible damage.

Thirdly, we have a Fiber laser welding machine.

About our fiber laser welding machine. We have 1000Watts laser welding machine. And also we have 2000 watts laser welding machine. Compared with other welding. The advantages are as below:

Firstly, Laser welding gun weight is light, easy to move
Secondly, Compact size, save floor space, easy to move
Thirdly, IPG/Raycus/Maxphotonics laser source, good quality, 100000 hours life span
forth, Environment-friendly, protect operator health
Fifth, Fashion outlook
Sixth, wobble welding function
Seventh, It can weld Stainless steel, middle steel, carbon steel, aluminum sheet, iron plates, brass), steel, galvanized sheet and plates, other sheet metals, and metal tubes.

Fourth, we have a Fiber laser cleaning machine

About our fiber laser cleaning machine. It is one of the new products.
Firstly, The first domestic manufacturer of high-power pulsed fiber laser cleaning lasers;
Secondly,  No grinding and non-contact cleaning to avoid secondary pollution;
Thirdly, High cleaning precision and strong controllability;
Fourth, No consumables, strong environmental protection;
Fifth, High cleaning efficiency, saving time;
Sixth, The system is stable and has a long life;
Seventh, One-time investment, economical and efficient;

Fifth, we have CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine.

About our CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Good price, good quality.


Fiber laser machine introduction of XT laser Martin

Hope the above info lets you know more about XT LASER and machine.
More info you can contact me at any time:
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