Fiber laser cutting machine replaces CNC punch-Jenny

How does the laser cutting machine replace the traditional CNC punching machine.  The laser cutting machine is an important device currently use in the cutting industry. Now the laser cutting machine  developing all the way and  experiencing the sweat and experiments of many researchers. CNC punches were generally use in machining in past years.  There is no laser cutting machine,  now laser cutting machines have replace him. What is the reason for this? Laser cutting machine replaces CNC punch.

1. one reason that laser cutting machine replaces CNC punch for the processing of complex parts

The CNC punch needs a difficult setting. The laser cutting machine only needs to paint on the computer to realize the processing. This is one reason that laser cutting machine replaces CNC punch.

2. No mold loss is need

The whole process is intelligently process, and the pattern is set, and the process can process. The new product R & D and processing can save more processes.

3. In terms of some high-precision metal sheet materials

Appling to the handicraft industry, CNC machine tools cannot  realize, and laser cutting machines can be as fine as 0.01mm, making perfect use.

4.The fourth reason that laser cuttinf machine replaces CNC punch is about procession.

The process products from CNC punches will cause the surface of some processed materials to be rough.  The surface processed by laser cutting machine is very smooth,  the product grade is quite high. labor

The key point is that the laser cutting machine only needs to click on the computer to start the full automatic operation, which saves labor. Some complete sets of replacement boxes can  process with laser cutting machine equipment, which cannot  complete with CNC machine tools.
The reason why it can replace the CNC punch is that his technology and performance have far surpass the CNC punch.

Laser cutting machine processing features and technical advantages

Burr-free cutting: high precision, fast speed, narrow slit, minimum heat affected zone, smooth cutting surface without burr.
Damage-free cutting: The laser cutting head will not contact the surface of the material and will not scratch the workpiece.

Arbitrary cutting: It has good processing flexibility, can process arbitrary graphics, and can cut pipes and other profiles.

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