Fiber Laser cutting machine maintenance tips:Charry

Fiber Laser cutting machine maintenance tips

Fiber Laser cutting machine maintenance tips.

For lens on laser head,it is recommended to start working every day to clean it once.

Firstly. Precautions for use of lenses.

Focusing mirror, protective mirror, QBH head and other optical surfaces, do not touch directly with your hands to prevent mirror scratches or corrosion. If there is oil or dust on the mirror surface, it will seriously affect the use of the lens, and the lens should be cleaned in time. It is strictly forbidden to use water, detergent or other cleaning on the surface of the optical lens. The surface of the lens is coated with a special film that can damage the surface of the lens if used. Do not place the lens in a dark, damp place as this will age the lens surface. Do not use too much pressure when installing or replacing mirrors, focusing mirrors, and protective mirrors, as this may cause distortion of the lens and affect the quality of the beam.

Secondly. Method of installing or replacing optical lenses.

Before installing or replacing optical lenses, pay attention to clean hands and wear white gloves; do not touch any part of the hand with the lens; take the lens from the side of the lens, do not directly touch the surface of the lens coating.
When assembling the lens, do not blow the lens against the lens. Prevent scratches and falls when taking the lens, and do not apply any force to the coated surface of the lens; the lens holder for the lens should be clean. Do not use too much force on the fixed lens to avoid deformation of the lens, thus affecting the quality of the beam.

Thirdly. Steps to clean the lens.

To clean the lens with a cotton swab: blow off the dust on the mirror surface; then use a clean cotton swab to remove the dirt.

Finally. Storage of optical lenses.

The optical lens is stored properly to keep the quality of the lens intact. The lens is stored in the box, and the lens should be placed in a non-vibrating environment, otherwise the lens may be deformed, thereby affecting the performance of the lens.

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