Fiber laser cutting machine cuts carbon steel–Huda

Fiber laser cutting machine cuts carbon steel

Usually burns the material. The possible reasons are as follows.
(1) Offset the laser focus position, perform a focus position test, and adjust the offset according to the laser focus offset. v = UJZuu5O69DY
(2) The output power of the laser is insufficient. It is necessary to check whether the laser generator is working properly. If it is normal, please adjust whether the output value of the laser control button is correct.
(3) The cutting line speed is too slow, and the cutting line speed must increase during operation control.
(4) The purity of the cutting gas is not enough to provide high-quality cutting working gas
(5) The running time of the machine tool is unstable and the time is too long. At this point, it needs to be shut down and restart.
Laser incomplete cutting
The reason why the laser is not completely cut.
(1) The choice of laser nozzle does not match the thickness of the processing board, and the nozzle or processing board is replace.
(2) The laser cutting line speed is too fast, and operation control is need to reduce the line speed.
Abnormal sparks occurred when cutting mild steel.
When cutting mild steel normally, the flame beam is very long, very flat, and there are few cracks. The occurrence of abnormal sparks will affect the smoothness and quality of the cut part of the workpiece.
In this case, if other parameters are normal, should consider the following.
First of all, the loss of the laser head nozzle is serious, and the nozzle should replace in time.
Secondly, without replacing the nozzle with a new one, should increase the working gas pressure.
Third, if the thread at the connection between the nozzle and the laser head is loose, the cutting should suspend immediately, the connection status of the laser head should be checked, and then the thread should be re-threaded.