What are the features of laser cutting machines?-Claudia

What are the features of laser cutting machines?

What are the features of laser cutting machines?


• Firstly,Cutting speed: high-speed sheet cutting, the maximum cutting speed of 1mm sheet can reach 60m / min.

• High-speed perforation: A variety of high-efficiency perforation processes with “0” seconds perforation and no deceleration cutting.

• Retract function: It can be re-cut along the original processing path to effectively avoid scrapping of machined parts.

• Nozzle cleaning: Automatic nozzle cleaning during cutting, processing and cutting can be continued after cleaning.

• Sheet nesting typesetting: The program for writing complex parts is simple, smooth, simple to operate, and powerful.

• Then,Automatic patrol: automatically calculates the angle between the plate and the machine coordinates, and rotates the coordinate system to process the plate, eliminating the need for traditional calibration of the plate.

• Handheld unit: A self-developed dedicated handheld unit with user-friendly design and easy adjustment of process parameters.

• Finally,Cutting gas control: advanced integrated high pressure proportional valve control, accurate and efficient.

For normal steel, does flying cutting work? Or does it work only work with ss?

it can work with other metal material, such as cs, just have the requirements for thickness, often is under 2mm.

For  cutting tube , there are two kind of laser machine in marke

3m length or 6m length

In such machine, rotary size including 160mm and 200mm

If 160mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 160mm round tube , and maximum 109m*109mm square tube

If 200mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 215mm round tube,minimum 12mm , and minmum 20*20mm, maximum 150mm*150mm square tube




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