Exchange Table Can Improve The Fiber Laser Cutting Efficiency-Nancy

Exchange Table Can Improve The Fiber Laser Cutting Efficiency-Nancy

Exchange table can improve the fiber laser cutting efficiency-Nancy

1.Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine with exchanging table

First,exchangeable working table-10 seconds for one time table exchanging,which can effectively save time than artificial feeding.

Second,high thickness metal frame working bed and processe by hot quenching,more stable working bed structure,with zones dust removal function.

Third,manganese steel crossbeam and lighter weight,strong performance,enhancing the accelerating speed under the same servo motor power.

2.Specific introduction of exchanging table

At the beginning,the material of bed is whole structure,which has good strength and stability.

Then,exchange table divide into two parts,composed by the switching devices and two movable cutting table. Switching device fix on both sides of the back of the bed.Mainly to complete the exchange of both upper and lower table,the work piece during cutting, another cutting table can be loading and unloading,can improve the working efficiency.

Next,two movable cutting table is frame structure,the supporting bars above table load up to 800KG;two-stages device by a chain drive,automatic exchange,greatly improving production efficiency.Table with an universal ball seat,in the middle four mounted work piece support 44 universal ball,cylinder driven by a rack and pinion mechanism allows 180 ° rotation pendulum.

Finally,when feeding spiral quick connector can be into the quick connector on the cutting table.

Firstly,open pneumatic switch,the cylinder drive by rack and pinion mechanism,the pendulum is rotate upward 180 °,44 universal ball to support the work piece,the work piece can roll on universal ball,to avoid sliding piece on the support grid, resulting in scratches,when the work piece positioning.

Secondly,press the pneumatic switch,cylinder rack and pinion mechanism by the pendulum down rotated 180 °,universal ball just below the pendulum to avoid cutting the ball burned.Because the artifacts are in the ball rolling when loading and positioning,rather than the traditional way of support (work piece support slide on the gate).

Thirdly,this mechanism can effectively protect the materials and smooth work piece positioning when scratching problem, reducing the operator’s labor intensity.

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