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Cutting aluminum fiber laser cutting machine details – Jennifer

1. About 3000w nLIGHT laser source :

– The reason why recommed this laser source, is because u cut aluminium & brass & copper request.
– It belongs to high reflective materials, cutting it long time, it will hurt the laser source by normal Raycus or IPG laser source.
– Attached is the Analysis about nLIGHT & IPG. Pls open and read more details.

2. About the exchanges beds in Cutting aluminum fiber laser cutting machine:

– Sorry it is wrong info now, I forgot to upgrade it. Thanks for your correction here.
– Yes, now all our working bed is exchangeable tables. It is easy to load and unload the metal plate.
– Only needs 15s, the two working bed can realise exchanges.
– Here are some videos for these dual tables, pls check.

3. About Anti-collision head & cutting head brand 

– Yes, the cutting head has the sensors, it can be changed according to the metal sheet situation.
– The cutting head for 3000w nLIGHT 1530G, we use is the Raytools BM111 brand. We are the one of few company, they put ourself logo.
– It is auto focus head, There is no need to adjust focus by hand.
– Link:

4.  About Exhaustion system & subarea dust system in cnc metal sheet laser cutting machine
– Yes, our machine is with exhaust fan. It is standard configuration.
– The followings are the details, just for your reference.

5. About the Packing details:

– If assembly the whole machine, then it needs 40FR. It cost too much & the container is hard to book.
– Normally, customer will choose 2 container, 20GP & 40GP. So it will be cheaper.
– Our engineer will be there to reinstall it.

6. About the packing size of this machine:

– The water chiller & laser source & independent cabinet & exhaust fan & working bed are packed by wooden case & the major machine bed is packed by silver paper in vacuum.