Compare waterjet cutting and fiber laser cutting:Claudia

Compare waterjet cutting and fiber laser cutting

Compare waterjet cutting and fiber laser cutting

First-Waterjet cutting-waterjet-cutting-fiber-laser-cutting
Many customer don’t know if to choose waterjet or fiber laser. Different cutting way has different effect and feature. It is important to choose a suitalbe cutting solution. This passage is to introduce how to choose suitable cut way. About the features of two cut machine.Hope can be helpful.

Waterjet cutting material range is the widest. The general cutting thickness is less than 20mm. There is no chemical changes in the process of water cutting. It has no effect on the physical and chemical properties of cutting material. Also no thermal deformation, narrow slit, good precision. Also process many materials that traditional cutting ways can not do. Such as glass, ceramics, composite materials. which cannot be cut by fiber laser cutting. Also the reflective materials, heat-sensitive materials.

But Water cutting Machine has more consumbles. Also has higher costs of use and maintance. And all the abrasive is disposable. Waterjet cutting will have damage to enviroment . when discharge to nature . Cutting edge of the processing smoothness s also more rough. Most of the time need to do two times processing.

Second-fiber laser cutting -waterjet-cutting-fiber-laser-cutting

fiber laser cutting machine is mainly for metal. Fiber laser machine can cut all metal materials. Like stainless steel,carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminium.

The cutting effect is also better than waterjet cutting. higher precision can reach 0.02mm. Can cut any smart pattern you want. Many metal procession company like to choose. Cutting speed also very higher, time-effective. The maintaince compared with waterjet is less. Fiber has less consumbles than waterjet. From electricity to other consumbles. Fiber needs no maintance. The laser source often has IPG brand, Raycus brand,N-Light brand to choose. main component is laser source , cut head, servo motor, and drive system.

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