What Color Can You Mark on Stainless with Fiber Laser Marking Machine-Angelina

What Color Can You Mark on Stainless with Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Today we will talk color marking on stainless steel with fiber laser marking machine.

Nowadays, the stainless steel are wildly used in many industry and many products, because it is very strong and beautiful.

So such producer of them are think of mark logos or numbers on the stainless product.

Sometimes they use paper labels or painting on the products.

But that can be removed easily, cannot keep long time.

So the fiber laser marking machine appeared.

Marking black color and marking white color

Marking different colors on the stainless depend on the different marking parameters.

Such as the marking speed and the marking frequency.

As we know stainless almost sliver color, so how to mark black color and white color on it?

Let’s use XT Fiber Laser Marker to do that.

Mark black color need more energy, so we choose a slower marking speed and lower frequency.

So when we mark the same content with the same size, marking black color always costs much time than marking white color.

You will find that an fiber marking machine is suitable for offering you a cleaner surface mark of metal materials.

But they lack the same laser power as their laser counterparts.

Which does mean that they will not normally be able to cut through the metal materials.

Bear these pros and cons in mind, as it is an influential factor when deciding which type of machine to buy.

In general terms, a laser marker is often considered to be a more suitable solution if you are going to be using the machine in an industrial production environment.

Whereas a laser marker gives you more options for customization, which makes it a good choice for small businesses who want that degree of flexibility.