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Recently many of my clients have been asking questions about Co2 glass tube laser marking machine.

This series of machine is suitable to advertising decoration.

Art gift, garment, leather, fabric, toy,

And computerized and clipping, packing and printing.

paper product and other speediness processing industries.

Then the nonmetal materials such as bamboo

plexiglass, acrylic and putamina of coconut.

cloth, leather, wollens and rubber, paper.


CO2 Glass tube laser marking machine

The highest cost-effective machine.

But with the superior galvo system

And the scanning speed can reach to most quickly

3000 mm/s and the effect is better.

With imported lens, So the light spot is smaller

and the process effect is better.

You can choose manual or automatic worktable.

Then put materials on and off

when the machine is working to improve efficiency.


System composition and environmental requirements:

CO2 Glass tube laser marking machine.

So system composition:

light  path, control cabinets, computer, workbench

Light path: laser chamber:

CO2 glass tube co2 laser  and beam quality is good.

Fine light mode and optical power stability

and  long service life.

Control computer:

The industrial control computer.

Then Can guarantee but the industrial equipment

and in the bad environment stable jobs.

So it’s not easy to crash.

The control software:

software using the WINDOWS interface.


Then so on many kinds of software and  output file.

Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other documents.

and use directly SHX and TTF word stock.

Then support the automatic

coding and  serial number.

batch number, date, bar code and planar bar code of marking.

Powerful and have graphics alignment.

So the red light preview function.

Then can mark all kinds of bar so and code and graphics yards.

and have the play function then

fully meet customer requirements.

Computer:Core 420 1.6 G 2 G 160 G, DVD   19 inches display:

Special PCI engraving control interface card

and special mark software

Work surface: 3 d regulation

Consumable:electric,co2 laser tube

installation environment

CO2 Glass tube laser marking machine.

So, and Installation location

but  is 2.5 square meters.

Environment: clean no dust or dirt is less

Temperature: 55 ° F (13 ° C) to 82 ° F (° C)

Humidity: 5% to 75% no condensation.

The Power supply: 220 V frequency 50 HZ ac.

30 Ann air switch, voltage stability.


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