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Did you choose the right laser marking machine

With the application of laser marking machine more and more widely, the corresponding purchase of laser machine customers also more and more.

Our contact customers generally like to ask is the price?

Therefore, we usually ask the customer what kind of material they need to make in the first time to choose the best solution for the customer, rather than the most expensive one.

But customers in the real purchase of laser engraving machine, and laser marker know how much?

Is the laser engraving machine you bought really suitable for your product?

Is it really a cost-effective laser engraving machine?

For example, a small business making packaging bags, to buy an ultraviolet laser marker for packaging bags production date.

Do you think it is appropriate?

Talk about equipment, talk about laser, the same is a small business to buy an IPG laser fiber laser marker, you say this is not in the cost of waste money?

Not many customers are concerned about this device is useful for their products!

But maybe the customer already knows this device well.

So today we will understand the laser marking machine the most core configuration: laser!

The difference of fiber  laser marker is mainly distinguished by the laser.

There are ultraviolet fiber laser marker, CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marker, semiconductor laser marker and other different laser marking machine on the object of different materials.

Such as depth, speed, color, thickness and so on.