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How to Choose the Appropriate Speed for Steel Laser Cutter ?

The laser power will affect the speed of steel laser cutter. The cutting speed will affect the cutting quality. Under the condition of a certain laser power, too fast or too slow will affect surface flatness of the cutting material.So this article is about how to choose the appropriate speed for steel laser cutter.


If the cutting speed is too fast:

1.The laser beam and the material are in contact with each other in a short time, which may result in the inability to cut and sparks.
it can cut some areas, but some areas cannot.
3.The whole cutting section is delaminated.
4.It  cannot cut off plate in time. The cut section shows a diagonal stripe road, and the lower part will produce melting stains.
If the cutting speed is too slow:
1.The interaction time between the material and the laser is too long, which causes the plate is over-melt and the cutting section is rough.
2. The slit becomes wider. It causes over-burning in the smaller rounded corners or sharp corners, and the ideal cutting effect cannot be obtained.
3. The cutting efficiency is low, which affects the production capacity.Judgment method of cutting speed.

How to judge the proper cutting speed?

1. The cutting speed is reasonable: the sparks diffuse from top to bottom, the cutting surface is smooth, and there is no slag in the lower part;
2. The cutting speed is too fast: the cutting spark will inclin;
3. The cutting speed is too slow: the cutting sparks will condense together, do not spread.
As professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, XT LASER has developed own brand laser device. The laser power is from 750w to 6kw.
1. Layered cooling structure. This can avoid condensation caused by high temperature and high humidity, and keep the temperature constant at 23 ℃.
2. Good BPP beam quality . The core devices are all imported and the implementation of excellent optical fiber fusion splicing process.
3. High electro-optical conversion efficiency, it can up to 35%.

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