Chinese metal gun laser engraving machine – Jennifer

Nowadays, the Chinese metal gun laser engraving machine is popular in market. Many jeweler come to ask this application. Today, this passage will share more info about this QR code laser marking machine .

Firstly, about depth engraving in Chinese metal gun laser engraving machine :

Jewelry laser fiber marking machine

– 30w/50w can do depth engraving on metal surface by using this jewelry laser fiber engraving machine. 30w is popular in the market now. Because 30w’s cost is close to 20w. But working performance will be better than 20w.

Secondly, about the cutting ability by QR code laser marking machine :

– Mostly, customer will care about the cutting ability difference. For 30w, it can cut max 1mm gold and 0.7mm silver.

For 50w can cut max 1.5mm gold and 1mm silver. 100w’s cutting thickness will be same as 50w, while cutting speed will be faster. Because their focus depth is fixed.

Thirdly, about the rotary in inside and outside ring

-Most customer will choose the inside and outside ring for bracelet necklace marking. This device is popular in gold and silver field. So 95% buyer will consider to use this machine. This is quite useful in QR code laser marking machine . Many our customer use and operate this machine well.

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