How To Improve Laser Marking Efficiency-Wendy

How To Improve Laser Marking Efficiency

To improve laser marking efficiency, there are some methods to achieve it. And to improve the efficiency is very important for some customers. I will talk about how to improve it by this chapter.

Fiber laser marking machine is a new marking craft without pollution and energy consumption. To bring higher production efficiency and create higher value to the enterprise is also the main goal of this kind of machine. To achieve how can speed it up, we have been exploring all the time. But how to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine?


The main influence factors of fiber laser marking machine are divided into internal factors and work piece processing factors.

The internal factors are mainly laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power. We should be pay attention to internal factors when selecting and selecting the early models. And we should also follow the opinions of laser engineers to select and purchase the models.

Another factor that we need to pay attention to during customer processing is mainly marking density, marking width, marking depth and laser spot size.
Under the conditions of the same width, the same light spot and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed. The reason is that the density directly increases the marking area.

Marking Format

Because the deflection area of the galvanometer for large-format marking increases, the marking speed of large-format is slower than that of small-format marking.

Marking Depth

To achieve marking with depth, we must let the machine repeat over and over again, the laser move once, will left a 0.01mm depth on surface.  So for example, you want mark on some metal with 1mm depth, then the laser must move 100 times.

So how to improve it?

To select a small-amplitude field mirror within a suitable range. And controling the density during marking and select a small density within the range that can meet the requirements. The most important is to ensure the daily maintenance of the machine and keep it in good condition.

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Mopa fiber laser marking machine,color fiber laser marking machine-Jill

Mopa fiber laser marking machine,color fiber laser marking machine-Jill

Many customers are interested in Mopa laser.

Mopa can do many work.


1.Firstly,Mark color on stainless steel.

Mopa can mark color on stainless steel.

Sometimes it can also mark color on brass,titanium,etc.but it is not permanent.

Share some color marking videos FYI:


2.Secondly,Mark on plastic.


3.Thirdly,Mark black color on anodized aluminum.




4.Mopa and Q-Switch (Raycus,IPG)

Same:1064nm wavelength laser beam
Mopa———Pulse width (2-200ns), Pulse frequency (1-1000HZ) , so MOPA laser is more flexible.
Q-Switch—- Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed.
Pulse width (90-130ns),Pulse frequency(20-80 kHz)

Mopa can do all the Raycus’ work.
Mopa  > Raycus

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Photo marking with fiber laser marker Lisa Wang

Fiber laser marker can marking a photos? The Answer is yes

China’s laser equipment has been developping for so many years now. Fiber laser marker technology has been very mature. More and more people are beginning to realize the advantages of fiber laser marker. The application of fiber laser marker is very extensive. Fiber laser marker can mark numbers, letters, text, pictures, QR codes, and more.

The object of action is metal and part of non-metal such as hard plastic.Widely used in mobile power, mobile phone casing, alumina black, tablet, ring, watches, sanitary ware, electronic components and so on. And the marking speed of the fiber laser marker is fast, the performance is stable, that is, the work efficiency is high, and the work efficiency is the king. Any industry wants its own production process to be faster and better.

Anneal Marking

This will give you a huge advantage over your peers and make your products invincible in sales. In addition, the life of the fiber laser marker is extremely long, and the light-emitting time of the fiber laser can reach more than 100,000 hours, and the fiber laser marker has no consumables and maintenance-free. Significantly lower the cost of use. The low cost of production and use means it will save a large amount of money in the cost of the product.

It s possible to mark photos with fiber laser marker?

Not all photos can be played clearly. Because the fiber laser marker is not a printer, it is popular. The photo will be marked with fiber laser markere according to the resolution of the pattern. The color of the picture is darker and the color is darker. The color of the place is lighter. The fiber laser marking machine can’t make the corresponding color according to the color of the pattern. The color is different as on the color of the object itself. Some materials can be printed in a variety of colors, such as stainless steel, or even colorful. However, no matter which color is marked, it is necessary to adjust the parameters in advance. After the adjustment, the parameters are unchanged during the marking process, so if our picture is rich in color, but the contrast between the colors is not high, it will be lost after marking with the fiber laser marker. The details, a lot of low contrast areas may come out after a color, they are stuck together. It is best to use a picture with very high contrast. The degree of image restoration is higher.

Another drawing is also a point. Some people use pictures with 3D effects to mark them. I came across a customer who gave me a 3D-effect drawing with a contrast of shades of color. And the content of the pattern is very rich. Marking this way is not completely impossible, but mapping is best with COREDRAW (so you can get rid of a lot of unnecessary details). Then even if the picture is ok, it is not easy to make such a deep contrast. Fiber laser marker The marking pattern is preferably a simple line with a relatively uniform depth. Because the fiber laser marker is not an laser engraving machine after all.

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