We understand the need you have to always have the latest technology implemented in your company. So we want to invite you to an event that you can not miss. Which will give you all the tools you need to give the width that your production and customers demand .

However, join thousands of industry professionals May 12-14, 2020 at FABTECH Mexico in Mexico City! The event will be held at the Centro Citibanamex jointly with the already established AWS Weldmex, Metalform Mexico and Coatech México.  The combined event continues to be the primary gathering for leading metal manufacturers in Mexico and will bring together 575 exhibitors. And cover more than 140,000 net square feet of show floor. Over 13,000 attendees from Mexico and South America will converge on the Centro Citibanamex to find solutions, network, learn. And experience first-hand the latest innovations in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.

In addition to knowing the latest technology in the metalworking industry. It is the perfect opportunity to start investing in a machine that can give you access to the automotive industry since Mexico is the main partner. Placing itself above the United States and China, two of the largest economies internationally, according to Forbes.

According to the same publication there was a value of exports worth 27.613 million dollars. Where almost half of these (10.534 million dollars) were in the automotive industry. And the majority were in auto parts (5,000 million dollars).

For this reason, this opportunity to acquire the best machine can reflect in the growth of your company thanks to the positive impact. After that the metalworking industry is having in the automotive area.

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