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How to choose machines in deep engraving service—–Clara

How to start your first step with fiber laser marking machine? If you are going to do the deep engraving and cutting service, please follow my articles. We will show you how to start your first step with our fiber laser marking machine. Today, with the acceleration of the economic rhythm and increasing demand for […]

How to choose a better laser cutting machine : Charry

How to choose a better laser cutting machine How to choose a better laser cutting machine? Many customers are confused. After our talking on the choosing of fiber laser cutting machine,you have known the lathe bed is really important.               For now,there are Iron casting machine bed, Thick plate welding […]

Influencing Factor of Fiber Laser Cutting Effect – Alex

Fiber Laser Cutting Technology Recent years, fiber laser cutting technology have rapidly development in various fields. It occupy large scale in metal and non-metal processing. In Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, laser cutting machine and industrial laser generator’s production and sales are increasing year by year. Its application is also more and […]

Fiber laser marking machine for metal: Charry

Fiber laser marking machine for metal For the fiber laser marking machine for metal,when customers get the machine,always with many own imagination. Why with a such words? Cause today,one of my customers just received his fiber laser marking machine.Then he asked me how to cut Aluminum? I am so surprised,cause before the purchasing,we had a […]

how to distinguish Fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine – Catherine

Fiber laser marking machine is also called laser marking machine, laser cutting plotter and other names. But most people do not understand the difference between fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine. Then we will give you some points for fiber laser marking machine with CO2 laser marking machine difference.        Performance Characteristics […]

Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Jason XT LASER

Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In recent years fiber laser cutting machine have a big market. Many companies appeared in the market. Fiber laser cutting machine mainly used in bulding industy.  metal processing is one of the most important field in heavy industry, fiber metal laser cutting machine is a necessary equipment for it. In Market, […]

Difference between 30w & 50w metal laser marking machine – Jennifer

For metal laser marking machine, as we all know that different marking materials have different ability of engraving depth ability. In order to mark on metal, it can be divided into two parts. One is marking on metal surface merely, and the other is marking on metal surface with depth. For normal metal laser marking machine: […]