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Application of pipe laser cutting machine in industry

With the continuous development of laser industry. The practicality of pipe laser cutting machine has also continuously improve. And we have ues it widely in various industries.

In the furniture industry. Metal furniture materials also develope from nomal metal materials into a variety of light and high-strength alloy materials. It adds more novel and decorative new form for furniture.

Most furniture products need to process metal pipes and plates. Pipe laser cutting machine came to the attention of public. The current pain points of the steel furniture manufacturing are as follows:

1.Firstly,Complex procedure.

Traditional furniture processing flow: cutting-lathe processing-bevel processing-punching-drilling-cleaning-welding.

2.Secondly,Difficult to process small tubes.

The pipe specifications of furniture are different. The smallest is 10mm*10mm*6000mm. And the tube thickness is generally 0.5-1.5mm. The biggest problem in the processing is low rigidity and easily deformed by external forces, such as pipe bending, twisting, etc. If a second manual repair, it is time-consuming and laborious.

So what innovation can automatic laser pipe cutting machine bring to the furniture manufacturing industry? What are the characteristics of the equipment?

1.Firstly,Customized configuration facilitates to upgrade the processing efficiency and quality. Aiming at the characteristics of small and thin stainless steel pipes in the furniture industry, we usually adopt targeted configurations.

2.Secondly,Batch automatic production of pipes. After the bundles of pipes are put into the automatic loader, start button will process it. One person is on duty and the whole process is completed automatically.

3.Finally,High efficiency. The pip of pipe cutting machine does not require secondary processing. We can use these parts in the next process, which virtually saves a lot of useless work.

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