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Application Industry of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How to get a perfect cutting effect

This article is about  application industry of fiber laser cutting machine.

Firstly, Auto industry

Many corners of the automotive industry, such as automobile doors and automobile exhaust pipes. It need to  processed after the formation of some extra corners or burrs. If artificial, the precision is difficult to achieve at first.  And the efficiency is second. The robotic laser cutting machine can process batches faster.

Secondly,Advertising industry

Due to the customization of the advertising industry, the traditional method is very inefficient. With the laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate, no matter how many glyphs. The laser cutting machine will satisfy you.

Thirdly,Kitchenware industry

Now more and more houses and decoration, kitchen utensils and appliances related products demand more and more, laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting sheet stainless steel, fast speed, high precision, high satisfaction, and can achieve customized and personalized product development, kitchen utensils manufacturers love.

Fourthly,sheet-metal working

Simply speaking, processing is a variety of plate, a variety of different graphics cutting pieces, laser cutting machine features in this industry development in full swing.

Fifthly,Cabinet industry

Including power distribution cabinet, file cabinet and so on. They are sheet plate standardized production. They all need requiring efficiency, using laser cutting machine four station or six station is more suitable, high efficiency.Double cutting is also available for certain plates.

Sixthly,fitness equipment

Due to the development of personal health concept.Square fitness equipment and household fitness equipment and so on are gradually developed. And gradually increasing demand.Basically is a few tube material kind cut. Choose a fiber laser tuber cutting machine is more convenient and fast.

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