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Application and advantages of sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

XT Laser – Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

What is sheet metal?

We cannot live without sheet metal everywhere, and cold rolled sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal, and stainless steel are all sheet metal materials. It has been widely used in fields such as electronics, communication, automotive industry, medical devices, etc. For example, in computer cases, mobile phones, MP3 players, sheet metal parts are an essential component. With the increasing application of sheet metal, traditional processing methods can no longer meet current needs.

The relationship between sheet metal and fiber laser cutting machines

China has gradually become the center of international processing and manufacturing. With the increase of foreign investment, the demand for metal processing continues to increase. The electrical control boxes, casings, and other components in the metal processing industry are generally sheet metal parts. The processing complexity of high-quality sheet metal parts is also high, and even some parts and processes need to reach dozens of testing and recognition, which puts forward higher requirements for accuracy.

Some people say that fiber laser cutting machines are a progress standing on the shoulders of giants. Firstly, the rise of developed countries abroad has driven the rapid development of their related manufacturing industries. In recent years, China has started to catch up and has achieved good results. This achievement has shortened the gap between China’s high-end manufacturing industry and foreign high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and will help China’s manufacturing industry achieve leapfrog development.

Disadvantages of Traditional Sheet Metal Processing

Traditional sheet metal processing processes include shearing punching bending welding processes, or flame or plasma cutting bending welding processes. Facing orders with multiple varieties, small batches, customization, high quality, and short delivery times, traditional sheet metal processing methods have obvious defects:

1. (CNC) shear machine, as it is mainly linear cutting, can only be used for materials that only require linear processing.

2. The CNC/brick tower punching machine has limitations on cutting steel plates with a thickness greater than 1.5mm, resulting in poor surface quality, high cost, high noise, and is not conducive to environmental protection;

3. Flame cutting, as an original traditional method, has the characteristics of large thermal deformation, wide cutting seam, material waste, and slow processing speed, and is only suitable for rough machining.

4. High pressure water cutting has slow speed, severe pollution, and high consumption costs.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machines

1. Fiber laser cutting machine has advantages such as high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short production cycle.

2. Narrow slit, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, low labor intensity, safety and environmental protection;

3. It can achieve automatic material layout, improve material utilization, without tool wear, and has good material adaptability.

4. Low production cost and good economic benefits.