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What are the advantages of optical fiber continuous welding machine?

Optical fiber continuous welding machine is a high-end and new welding method. It is generally compose of a “welding host” and a “welding workbench”.What are the advantages of optical fiber continuous welding machine?

The laser beam is couple to the optical fiber, and after long-distance transmission, it is process into parallel light Focusing on the workpiece to implement continuous welding, the welding effect is stronger due to the continuity of the light, and the welding seam is more refine and beautiful.

According to the different needs of different industries, the equipment can match the shape and workbench according to the production site and realize automatic operation, so can fully meet the needs of users in different industries.

1.In addition to the effects of fast welding speed, small deformation, and no bubbles that ordinary welding machines can achieve, the processing also has the following advantages. First of all, this kind of welding machine can use non-contact welding ,for parts that are difficult to access, which is more flexible in operation;

2. it is equip a CCD camera monitoring system, which is conducive to precise positioning ,and easy to observe the welding process. The welding spot energy distribution is even. Ensure the beauty and performance of the welding workpiece;

help companies realize automate factories, that can process and produce products with multiple beams, realize mass production of products, and show the advantage of high output ratio in the same series of products;

3.finally, the laser of the welding machine is adopt Importe materials have a service life of more than 10 years.

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