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Advantages of high-power laser cutting machine

Nowadays, with time going by, laser technique also developing quickly, industry 4.0 is coming, laser cutting is also going to high-power. Today we will show you the advantages of high-power laser cutting machine.

  • High speed

The laser cutting speed exceed 20m/min, the two-axis movement speed of the processing cutting machine can reach 250m/min. And the acceleration reach about 10g during operation.

  • High precision

About ϕ10mm small holes in a 1mm thick plate can cut about 500 per minute. And the error between these small holes in the cutting process is very small.

  • Development towards thick plates

The power of the high-power laser cutting machine is gradually increasing. And the size of the thick plate to be cut is also increasing.

  • Development in the direction of large size

The processing size range of laser cutting technology is also increasing. And laser cutting technology begin to develop in the direction of large size.

  • Automatic unmanned

The automatic laser cutting technology has the necessity and urgency of development. Firstly, the application of computer network technology promotethe realization of automatic and unmanned laser cutting technology. What’s more, the market’s application demand for this technology is  increasing. Prompting laser cutting technology to achieve automatic .

  • Intelligent

Finally, follow the pace of intelligent manufacturing in accordance with the technical requirements of Industry 4.0. . And using accurate graphic recognition technology, simple operating procedures, and convenient human-machine intelligent interaction. Besides, the laser is combined with computer control, numerical control technology, optical system, high-precision and automatic positioning devices, etc.

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