The advantages of laser cutting machine-Angelina

The advantages of laser cutting machine

We all know that people divide cutting machine into flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting and so on.

The laser cutting machine as a new technology in recent years means。

It can the high energy density of the laser beam to process to the workpiece.

So that the local heat melting, and then use high-pressure gas blowing slag to form slits.

Therefore, the laser cutting machine is the most efficient, cutting the highest accuracy.

Now let we introduce  what laser cutting machine several major advantages:

First of all, low processing costs.

One-time investment in equipment is more expensive.

But it is the most efficient, cutting the highest accuracy.

Continuous, large-scale processing of each part of the final processing costs down.

Secondly,narrow slotting, high precision, good slotting roughness, after cutting without further processing after the procedure.

Thirdly, the high degree of automation of the laser can be completely closed processing, non-polluting, low noise, greatly improving the operating environment of the operator.

Fourthly, the laser’s high energy density enough to melt any metal.

It is particularly suitable for processing a number of high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point of the other process means difficult to process materials.

Fifthly, the laser non-contact processing,inertia, processing speed.

With the NC system of CAD / CAM software programming, time-saving convenience, the overall efficiency is high.

In addition, the laser processing of energy density is very large.

The role of time is short, heat affected zone is small,small thermal distortion, thermal stress is small.

With the laser for non-mechanical contact processing, no mechanical stress on the work piece,suitable for precision machining.